Barnes, who attacked CR7: “The fault lies with those who bought him, due to a lack of unity at United”

What has been the impact of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United? According to John Barnes, bringing back to Old Trafford CR7 was a mistake …

What has been the impact of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United? Difficult to say, because the Portuguese scored and sometimes he took the chestnuts off the fire for the Red Devils. He did it with Solskjaer and also with Rangnick, but his performances were not enough for the club, which finds itself in a less than excellent situation, having finished the season in sixth place, far from the top positions. And more than someone is beginning to argue that the negative consequences of the return of the five-time Golden Ball are more than the positive ones. Talking about it is a Liverpool legend like John Barnes. The former striker, speaking to the DailyMirrorexplained that he felt reporting to Old Trafford CR7 was a mistake.

HARMONY – And United are paying dearly for this mistake, given that for Barnes the Portuguese did not have a positive effect on his teammates in the locker room. “Ronaldo causes a lack of unity and harmony. When the ball doesn’t reach him, he waves his arms in the air. And that’s a great example, isn’t it? Harmony at Manchester United is a problem and who causes this problem? Ronaldo. He goes around as if to say ‘it’s the fault of others, I’m doing my job’. But this is not what a leader does, but the behavior of those who think only of themselves. The fans love him and when things don’t go the way he wants them to, he always seems to say ‘it’s not my fault’. And a team doesn’t work like that “.

REMOVE SOMETHING – Of course, CR7 can always claim to have done his. But that’s not enough for Barnes. “We know that Ronaldo did well on a personal level, but it wouldn’t be better if no one had scored 20 goals this season but with United in a better position in the standings. I think they could have done it if they had been better as a team. . Ronaldo would not have scored so much, but the team would have fared better and would have won more games. Ronaldo takes something away from the other players. Rashford would have had a better season, as would Bruno Fernandes and Sancho. And whoever decided to buy Ronaldo, everything this is his fault. ” Pretty clear message to the Red Devils leadership …

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