Alexa Bliss explains the origin of her new entrance theme

A few weeks ago, Alexa Bliss returned to the screens after being absent from Elimination Chamber, and this time it seems that she has returned to stay, after undergoing sinus surgery in the previous months and then married Ryan Cabrera . After her return, she has won two victories against Sonya Deville and in the recent WWE Raw she did the same against Nikki ASH in a weak match.

Alexa Bliss - WWE Raw May 23, 2022
Alexa Bliss – WWE Raw May 23, 2022

► Alexa Bliss premiered a new entry theme

Precisely, last week Alexa Bliss got a new entrance theme and a change in her character, resembling her “old self”, although without losing the touch of her Lilly doll. However, his music particularly garnered a divided response from fans.

A fan criticized her and recently told Bliss to change her entrance music. The former Champion saw the fan’s comment and replied, making it clear that he likes his entry topic and explained the reason for it.

– «Girl, I beg you to change your entrance music»

– “It was the first time i really helped with my entrance music. We wrote the lyrics with my acting coach and WWE. I’ll stay with her for a while.”

Alexa Bliss - WWE Raw May 9, 2022
Alexa Bliss – WWE Raw May 9, 2022

Already making the matter of the entrance music clear and having fulfilled her goal of marrying her fiancé, Alexa Bliss is fully back in WWE, and particularly in her rivalry against Sonya Deville, who seems not to give up despite having already fit in a couple of losses against her. We will have to see what the former champion holds in the future, but it does not seem that in the short term we will see her in the starting line-up, as many would like.

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