1 Gb fiber: where is it cheaper?

It is currently promoted at a 20% discount for 6 months. In this way, in the first 6 monthly installments you will pay 41.60 euros/month and in the subsequent 52.00 euros/month.

This rate has a permanence of 12 months. If you leave before completing your stay, you will pay a maximum of 150 euros, plus taxes. If you do not return the Wi-Fi router within 30 days, an additional penalty of 139 euros plus taxes will be charged.

The total annual cost of the first year would be 561.60 euros (249.60 euros for the first six months and 312 euros for the next six).


Jazztel’s 1 Gbps fiber-only rate includes a fixed line where you will pay for what you call, with fixed call prices of 0.2178 euros for call setup + 0.1089 euros per minute. In the case of calls to mobiles, the call establishment costs the same, but the price per minute rises to 0.2414 euros.

Jazztel promo banner

Jazztel promotion banner

It is an all-inclusive and forever price of 36.95 euros per month. Includes installation, router and free shipping. In this case, there will be a commitment to stay for 12 months. If you don’t want to worry about calls, for 39.95 euros/month you will have it with a flat call rate. They currently have a promotion in force that was to end on May 9. If you contract until the end of the month, as a Flash Offer you will pay only 30.95 euros per month instead of 36.95.

Total annual cost: 371.4 euros (443.4 euros without flash offer).

Orange symmetrical fiber

Although Orange did not previously offer the possibility of obtaining 1 Gbps fiber independently, things have changed for this 2022. If we go to the orange company’s page we will see how we have the option of obtaining this type of fiber, which is priced at 30.95 euros for the first 3 months, later going on to cost 40.95.

orange fiber optic

Orange Fiber

This rate also includes a Livebox router with WiFi 6 and a landline phone with unlimited calls to other landlines and 1,000 minutes to mobiles. The commitment to stay is 12 months.

Total annual cost: 461.40 euros (92.85 euros the first three months and 368.55 the following nine).


The Romanian operator is one of the operators that offers the best economic conditions within the 1 Gbps speed range. Of course, they work with two different offers depending on the coverage area in which you are.

Digi browsing speed

Digi Fiber

If you live in an area where they have their own network, its price is 20 euros per month. If this is not the case, which is the most frequent given the limited coverage of its own, it goes up to 30 euros per month and will use the Movistar fiber network.

The price includes symmetric fiber optic Internet of up to 1 Gbps without calls, since the fixed line is an optional extra for 3 euros per month. The permanence period in this case is 3 months and the router and installation are free.

Total annual cost: 240 euros or 360 euros (own network or Movistar network, respectively).


At Vodafone we have an option to have a 1 Gbps fiber Internet connection in our home. It is through the fiber-only rate offered by the company. This is a rate that includes symmetrical fiber at 1 Gbps with calls to landlines and mobiles included, WiFi router rental also included and with the free registration and installation service.

vodafone fiber 1gbps

Vodafone fiber 1Gbps

The advantage is that the first year, coinciding with the permanence that we will have, will be available at a price of 600 Mbps, or what is the same: 40.99 euros per month instead of the 55.99 euros at which it is valued.

In case of leaving before those 12 months of permanence, there will be a penalty for early withdrawal for a maximum amount of up to 180 euros depending on the discount applied and the time remaining for the fulfillment of the commitment.

Total annual cost: 491.88 euros.


Although they have a fiber rate of up to 1 Gbps (from 700 Mbps to 1000 Mbps download, upload between 100 Mbps and 600 Mbps), we are going to look at the Amor Poderoso rate, which does promote up to 1 Gbps upload and down.



This fiber in the Adamo operator has a price of 44 euros per month with the line fee included. You have to pay an initial activation fee of 12.10 euros, which includes the installation price of the router. The stay is 3 months. If you unsubscribe before, you will have to pay the proportional part of 163.35 euros for installation costs.

Total annual cost: 540.10 euros (12.10 euros of installation + 528 euros of the twelve monthly payments).

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