Zendaya, Vladimir Putin and Kris Jenner among the 100 most influential personalities

The list of the 100 most influential personalities in 2022 It has been revealed by its creators from TIME magazine and they have shown a very varied selection between presidents and entertainment personalities. Here we highlight a few.

Heading the “innovative” section appears the young Zendaya who exploded his fame with his participation in the popular series of HBO Max, “Euphoria”in addition to the long-awaited tape of Spider-Man: No way Home where he gave life to MJ.

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Zendaya is a thousand years old. She has already lived many lives before this one. And yet, she is as young as spring (…) She is timeless and she can do everything, ”wrote Denis Villenueve, who adapted and directed the film Dune, where the actress caused a stir by only appearing for 7 minutes.

In “Titans” is Kris Jenner, the mother of the iconic Kardashian daughters and of course the famous Kylie and Kendall. The businesswoman has excelled both on her reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians and in her ways of keeping her family on trend.

As for “Leaders”, the magazine did not hesitate to place the dichotomy that has gone around the world, both to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and to the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski.

The review about Volodimir was written by Joe Biden himself, the US president, who defined him as “a leader worthy of his courage and resilience.” The Ukrainian nation is still going through the war which was declared on February 24 this year.

On the other hand, Putin was singled out as being responsible for “nullifying economic achievements obtained by the country itself over the course of 20 years”, by Alexander Navalni, leader of the Russian opposition.

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This list is divided into 6 categories, among these during the 2022 version there were 6 Latin American personalities included:

  1. The Brazilian bioinformatician: Tulio de Oliveira,
  2. The activists for the decriminalization of abortion in Colombia: Ana Cristina González Vélez and Cristina Villareal,
  3. Sonia Guajajara, indigenous activist in Brazil
  4. The Colombian businessman, David Vélez, CEO and Founder of Nubank.
  5. Gabriel Boric, the president of Chile defined as “a change in the direction of the economy of Chile and possibly the world”


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