Vivienne, daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, inherited her mother’s genes: PHOTOS

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt They were one of the most emblematic and acclaimed couples in Hollywood. Throughout this love story, the actors decided to make a fairly large family, since, on the one hand, ‘Maleficent’ had adopted Maddox and Zahara when she began her relationship with the protagonist of ‘Troy’.

In 2006, after going public with their relationship, the couple decided to have children together. The first to come to the Pitt Jolie family was Shiloh, who became the first biological heir to the actress. By 2007 they decided to adopt again, Pax was the second of the couple, fourth of Angelina’s family. Lastly, in 2008 Knox and Vivienne joined, the minors of the family that little by little are growing and showing their resemblance to their parents.

This time we are going to talk about Vivienne, the youngest of the family who already he is 13 and together with his twin they are showing little by little that they are ready to take over social networks when they begin their public life. For now, she is breaking hearts as a teenager, since they assure her that she is identical to Angelina.

Vivienne and the world of fashion

Jolie and Pitt’s little girl has been seen walking the streets of the United States with modern and comfortable looks showing that the world of fashion it may be an option for her. It must be remembered that Vivienne already made her Hollywood debut alongside her mother in “Maleficent”, playing Aurora’s baby.

In the photos that were shared during her walk through the streets of Los Angeles, you can see the youngest of the family with her twin in a gray sweatshirt and fairly loose two-tone jeans. The outfit was complemented with white sneakers.

The set was framed with a fairly simple hairstyle, since it has appeared with a high tail and long fringes that gave shape to her blonde hair. Having her hair pulled back showed her features perfectly, making it clear that every day she looks more like one of the queens of Hollywood.

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