Update on what happened on WWE Raw last Monday

It’s been a week since Sasha Banks and Naomi decided to leave the venue where the last episode of Monday Night Raw took place shortly after it aired. Since then, news, rumors and information about it have not stopped coming out, highlighting the importance and repercussion of what happened that night.

Banks and Naomi were scheduled to be part of a Six Pack Challenge in the main event of the night, but his departure caused WWE to have to quickly change plansturning the fight into an individual combat between becky lynch Y Asukawhile issuing a statement explaining what happened.

On the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Michael Cole offered an update on this topic, noting that the two fighters had been suspended indefinitely. Meanwhile, their championships remain vacant, pending the crowning of two new champions in an upcoming tournament.

Meanwhile, and in the absence of knowing what their most immediate future will hold for them in the company, Fightful wanted to offer an update on what happened last Monday. For a start, the medium points out that Sasha Banks and Naomi left at the beginning of the showas confirmed by a large number of WWE talent and personnel, many of whom theorized that, once the event began, the fighters could no longer discuss the matter with Vince McMahon, since he would be busy.

On the other hand, at 7:15PM EST (45 minutes before the start of the show), the originally planned six-way match was still part of the script, but did not have a producer or referee. Becky Lynch’s backstage segments were scheduled, but not with the rest of the combat participants.

On the deletion of Sasha Banks and Naomi’s Facebook accounts, the media indicates that the company controls said official accounts, and which are usually created for the specific character for promotional reasons. However, Twitter accounts are created, owned and managed (usually) by the artist himself, so WWE has no control over them.

Regarding the withdrawal of the merchandising from the WWE online store, the medium comments that it is part of the “indefinite suspension“, adding that WWE reiterated that does not indicate a release of any kind.

Regarding the information that emerged about the alleged discomfort of Saha Banks with Ronda Rousey, the media indicates that it was informed that WWE had started working on Rousey’s return since last November.

Finally, Fightful states that, so far, there is no indication that the situation will be resolved this Monday. Neither of the two fighters are scheduled for tonight. In addition, as evidenced by the fact that they won the Raw tag team titles last Friday, Jimmy Uso is not expected to be affected professionally by this situation. Other than that, the media indicates that he has not heard any particular position that the fighter has taken on the matter.

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