Tom Holland’s career and life, Spiderman actor and Zendaya’s boyfriend

“I don’t like the idea of ​​not liking people. So I do everything I can to ensure that this is not the case ”.

Tom Hollanda young English actor born in 1996, is living his moment after the great success of the last one Spider-man: No Way Home And Uncharted currently in theaters. The media adore him and do nothing but talk about him, also for his love affair with his colleague Zendaya which helped him a lot in managing fame.

“Having her in my life has been critical to my sanity. She is so good at being the role model for young boys and girls. When someone approaches, asking,” Can we take a picture? ” it’s never a bad time for her. While my initial reaction was: ‘Why are you talking to me? Leave me alone.’ “

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Growing up in Kingston Upon Thames, a city south of London, Holland first approached the world of art and entertainment at just nine when a West End choreographer suggested he audition for the musical by. Billy Elliot. After getting noticed as a dancer and actor in 2012 came his Hollywood debut with the film The Impossible, where he plays the son of Ewan McGregor And Naomi Watts.

And his career on the big screen kicked off, up to today’s international notoriety as an action hero as well as friendly and ironic Spider-man neighborhood. But maybe you don’t know some interesting facts about him that we reveal below.

Bullied for the dance

As a child he was “obsessed” with a song by Janet Jackson and this led to his mother enrolling him in dance lessons at the British company Nifty Feet. During a show, he was spotted by a talent scout, but he was too young to play Billy Elliott in a theatrical production. So, he trained hard for two years, grew up a bit and eventually got the part.

“I went to an all-boys school, where I played rugby, so ballet wasn’t the best thing to do,” he said. “I did it in the school gym at lunchtime alone, in tights, with a teacher “he told GQ Style, underlining that his classmates did not look favorably upon him and made fun of him. The petty comments “strengthened me and I’m very happy I did that training. It was so valuable to my career and I’ve used it in almost everything I’ve done since.”

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Billy Elliot’s first behind-the-scenes kiss

In September 2008 the actor made his starring debut at the Victoria Palace Theater in London’s West End as Billy Elliot. During a 2017 interview with the co-star of Spider-Man: Homecoming Jacob Batalon for Moviefone, Holland revealed that his first kiss happened with one of the girls he played Debbie in the show. “I had the courage to kiss her,” the actor recalled, adding: “I was falling madly in love with her, but she didn’t seem to have any interest in her. I had the courage to do it and I kissed her for three seconds, it was magical. “

The carpenter’s parenthesis

After starring in the movie In the heart of you sea from Ron Howard, Tom Holland got his head a bit. You can understand, for a guy this young who is starting to succeed in Hollywood, it is normal not to be able to keep his feet on the ground. He felt he had already arrived, but then he realized that it wasn’t like that and that he had to conquer other roles after that experience and it wasn’t that easy.

“I went through a phase in my career where I was too old to play a kid, and too young to play a teenager,” he said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in December 2019. “My mom decided to send me to school. carpentry shop, so he packed his bags and sent me to Cardiff, Wales, where I rented a room from this lady and shared a room with her son for about eight weeks ”.

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Holland didn’t actually finish the class because he was recalled to continue auditioning for his role in Marvel, but said he’s “pretty good” at making things. “On my mother’s side they are all carpenters; my grandfather taught me the trade when I was little. I built a kitchen table and cabinet. I also fixed a friend’s door once. “

His favorite movie

During an interview with Yahoo Movies, he revealed that his favorite movie is Splinters of Fear. The thriller, based on a book by William Diehl, he saw Richard Gere as a defense attorney e Edward Norton as a teenager accused of the murder of an archbishop. Norton won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture and earned an Oscar nomination. In a 2018 interview with BuzzFeed, Holland listed My Cousin Vinny (with Joe Pesci and his Spider-Man co-star Marisa Tomei) as another favorite movie, besides Splinters of Fear.

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