Tom Cruise and his favorite sunglasses (to always look handsome)

This wasn’t the first time they’d appeared in a movie, but it was the moment the world realized that this classic pair could be very cool, weird, rebellious and irreverent.

These glasses have a thick black paste frame and are slightly elongated, creating a retro look that is flattering on almost all face shapes and sizes. Normally you find them in black, which is the classic, but now there are also versions in different colors.

top gun glasses


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Cruise not only had a lens moment at the movies, the second came in Top Gun in 1986, when Cruise brings to life a test pilot with the best style in the history of cinema.

Maverick wore jeans, jackets bomber fur and a pair of glasses Ray Ban Aviator, which were originally created to help pilots better deal with reflections from the sun when they were flying. The glasses are part of the personality of the character and an icon of fashion, so important and timeless that it is the pair that Cruise usually wears at events and in his day to day.

These drop-shaped glasses reached the top of popularity in the 80s, perhaps due to the success of the movie, but they are here to stay and, since then, they have been among the best-selling models in the world. And the fact that they’re classic means you can wear them at any age, and they can be worn with casual or formal looks as needed.

Tom Cruisewinner of the honorary Palme d’Or at Cannes, or rather Maverickis the greatest proof that, once you find your style of glasses, you can continue to wear the same one for a lifetime and in all kinds of contexts.

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