Tigres will know penalty for improper alignment this Monday

Sources told ESPN that this Monday the sanction for Tigres will become official, after playing with nine untrained players in Mexico at the same time.

The Disciplinary Commission will make official the sanction for tigers this Monday, after the improper alignment in which Michael Herrera incurred by using nine players not trained in Mexico simultaneously, during the semifinal round against Atlas.

Sources close to the Disciplinary Commission pointed out to ESPN that, after the MX League The case will be turned over to them, it is a fact that the relevant sanction will be applied, based on article 48 of the Competition Regulations for the 2021-2022 Season.

Therefore, after the 4-2 return game at Universitario in favor of tigersthe four feline goals will be eliminated and only the two of the Atlasso the red and black will win at the table globally from 5 to 0.

However, this sanction will be officially announced until this Monday, when after the second semifinal match between Pachuca and America is played.

It should be remembered that in Saturday’s game between tigers Y AtlasBefore the start of the second part Michael Herrera sent to the field Florian Thauvin replacing Hugo Ayalaso the felines played with nine untrained soccer players in Mexico, until Juan Pablo Vigón joined Soteldo, a few minutes from the end.

“Within the 11 Main Players, there can only be up to 8 NFM Players (Not trained in Mexico) (…) The foregoing, in order for a minimum of 3 FM Players (trained in Mexico) to participate permanently, since Otherwise, it would imply an improper alignment and the Club involved would be subject to the imposition of sanctions.”, indicates the Liga MX regulations in article 48.

During 42 minutes of the match, tigers he played with Nahuel Guzmán, Guido Pizarro, Igor Lichnovsky, Rafael Carioca, Yeferson Soteldo, André-Pierre Gignac, Carlos González, Luis Quiñones and Florian Thauvin.

Article 49 of the MX Leagueadds that not complying with “the distribution of Players in accordance with the provisions of the article”, will be considered as improper alignment and as punishment the club is exposed to losing the match, awarding the three points in dispute to the opposing Club.

The regulations indicate that an ex officio investigation can be carried out or the affected club can request a review of the possible improper line-up, which would give the red and blacks the victory in the desk 2 to 0 and the three goals against André-Pierre Gignac would be erased. scored during the match.

“La Liga BBVA informs that whoever establishes the participation of Untrained Players during a match, what happened in the semi-final second leg of the game will be turned over to the Disciplinary Committee. Closure 2022 Come in tigers Y Atlas for analysis and resolution,” the First Division reported in a statement, shortly before the end of the second confrontation of league Come in tigers Y Atlas.

Nahuel Guzmán leaves only one game

Besides, Nahuel Guzmanwho was sent off for two yellow cards in the same game, will go on a one-game suspension.

Apparently, the Argentine goalkeeper will not be punished further, despite the unsportsmanlike conduct he showed in this match, not only for the time he spent allegedly pretending to cry, but mainly for making two balls appear on the field, since Nahuel Guzman he kicked one towards the center of the field of play, while the other was close to the band.

The source close to the Disciplinary pointed out that “Nahuel was expelled for two yellow cards, that merits a suspension match… The ball thing is unsportsmanlike conduct, which is only a yellow card,” he added.

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