This is the millionaire that the CEO of Roblox will pocket during the next 5 years

It’s hard to know where the ceiling is Roblox. The popular video game, which has won over millions and millions of players over the years, continues to grow in content and economic relevance.

Behind the IPO made by Roblox CorpAs of early 2021, the company was already worth more than Ubisoft, CD Projekt, and Take Two combined, at $30 billion. Therefore, it was not very difficult to imagine that the benefits would be through the roof.

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So much so that we have already been able to know how much the CEO of the company will take. David Baszucki has lowered his salary to $0 and in return he will receive $234 million in compensation over the next five years.

In contrast, Baszucki’s compensation in 2020 was $6.8 million, plus $500,000 of his stipulated salary.

Mr. Baszucki was particularly receptive to receiving the Founder and CEO Long-Term Performance Award, as he believes he should be rewarded only for significant long-term outperformance.can be read in a regulatory document.

It is also noted that one of his many goals was to use the wealth that has been created through his Roblox ownership as a means of promoting many charitable causes that he believes in. The CEO indicated that the “net proceeds” of the prize will be used for philanthropic purposes.

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As has been seen in the past, this method is not the first time it has been used by an executive director within the video game industry. Bobby Kotick already raised controversy at the time by announcing what he will receive for his stay at Activision.

Do you want to know how much the most important CEOs earn in this sector? Do not hesitate to take a look at the report where we showed figures and data of many of these managers in companies such as CD Projekt, Atari, Nintendo and more.

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