This is how Minecraft would change a weather update


It would be a great detail to observe a northern lights while walking through the Minecraft tundra.

Since its launch in 2011, Minecraft has been responsible for providing a unique experience for its peculiar graphics of cubic shapes. And Mojang knows exactly what to do when it comes to updating the sandbox. For example, the practically infinite world has become one of the main reasons for its popularity, since we can build anything that comes to mind, even if it is to bring some of the most iconic places in the real world to Minecraft. But, on the other hand, the franchise has also been introducing over the years some types of blocks that facilitate creative mode, or mobs to fight in survival mode.

That said, the bundle of updates has provided Minecraft with great gameplay. Therefore, it makes sense that Mojang is constantly changing to improve some aspects that make the open world more interactive for its players. This means that as biomes have evolved, so have the weather systems would have to correspond with the new updates.

At the moment, it could be said that Minecraft already has some good weather effects. Especially if the player is in certain locations. It would not make sense, for example, a rainy day in the desert, but if they continue their journey, they could find snow in the mountains. Of course, the weather changes in Minecraft depend on a basic system regarding the forms of rain. Although, as in everything, Mojang would have to consider the possibility of adding a few nuances to his system. In fact, it would be amazing to see some of the unique real world natural phenomena in minecraft biomes.


What would weather updates look like in Minecraft?

Given how much Mojang has worked to mimic Earth’s landscapes, it would be fitting now for the franchise to add a twist to its biomes. Some of these weather changes could include sandstorms, thunderstorms, blizzards that make the tundras much more difficult to traverse. Even the very idea that a tidal wave could wipe out the town’s crops could add a whole new level of difficulty for players; Or, an aurora borealis would be a great detail to fight against mobs. Up to here, climatic changes could be applicable for the Nether, since the extreme conditions would pose a danger in itself for users who are interested in a much more challenging gameplay.

Every time we have seen more and more details that make Minecraft biomes a little more realistic. Of course, it should be mentioned that mobs are a fundamental part of the experience, since the franchise has done a great job with the nature that surrounds the player. But it is also true that the environments would have their own charm with some adjustments on the weather, because it is the last piece of the puzzle for a unique experience with the open world.


It’s about time Mojang added some of the weather in their updates

For context, the Guardian, for the upcoming wild update, is one of the most timely examples to explain the time update. While the Warden is a mob, Minecraft has hinted that it is some kind of force in nature, despite the fact that it has been perceived by players as an enemy that they have to destroy. In fact, this mob is quite interesting thanks to the contrast between Mojang’s claims and the players’ perspective, especially since it is beyond the player’s control and his strength is relative to nature. Therefore, updating the weather system would give a boost to the creative principle that has differentiated Minecraft in the marketsince it would encourage players both to create new forms of construction, and to solve some of the problems that the weather would bring them, such as taking care of the crops and, of course, their houses from the incessant rains.


In summary, one of the best examples that nature has greatly influenced the gameplay is the Warden. So possibly Mojang could apply the characteristics of this boss to add an essence of its own to the sandbox biomes. At the moment the franchise has not confirmed these changes, however, judging by the evolution of the biomes, it would be convenient to add as many natural disasters as some climatic forms that allow Minecraft to continue being the creative game par excellence that has gained popularity around the world.

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