The young woman who disappeared when she went to deliver her thesis

family and friends of Karen Itzel Rodriguez Barrales blocked this Saturday, May 21, for several hours, the Tlahuac Avenue, at the height of the Barrio de Santiago. They demanded that the authorities investigate the disappearance of the young woman, which occurred on May 19.

The young woman’s aunt assured that she never arrived at the university and did not come to give consultations in the afternoon, so she asked that Karen’s information and photograph be disseminated to locate her as soon as possible.

“For this, just as our authorities are working, they find them dead. I don’t want to lose hope, but I ask for a lot of your prayers and your help,” said the woman, who was carrying a cardboard with the young woman’s search card.

Karen Itzel Rodríguez Barrales went to deliver her undergraduate thesis to the Interdisciplinary Center for Health Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute, located on the Xochimilco-Oaxtepec highway. Since then, her family has not heard from her.

Faced with the blockade, staff of the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office He met with the family to be able to start a dialogue. The protesters withdrew after 3 in the morning.

So far, the authorities have not released any further information on the case.

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