The Spanish company that wants to compete with Nespresso

The coffee capsule business has a new competitor. His name is Wolstton, behind him is the businessman Miguel ngel Aguado, and he is willing to compete even with the multinational Nespresso.

If you think of a coffee capsule, your mind will most likely take you to Nespresso and in a good percentage of cases you will probably visualize actor George Clooney announcing this innovative way of doing”the best espresso coffee” launched there for the year 2010.

As in any prosperous business (during the first years of the 2010s its annual growth was higher than double digits), the Swiss firm that is part of the Nestlé conglomerate soon had competitors. This is how Sara Lee would arrive (with her brand Marcilla), Nescafe (sweet taste), Illy, Senseo, starbucksHalo Coffee (created in 2017 by a former Nespresso executive), and large supermarket chains such as Carrefour or Mercadona.

Wolstton has been presented with six coffee blends

Wolstton has come up with six coffee blends, but his idea is to expand the range.

Now a new competitor has just arrived on the market, and it is Spanish. Is named wolston, and behind it is the businessman Miguel ngel Aguado, along with a team of experts in food, communication and marketing. Your business card have been six varieties of blend of coffee inside 100% compostable capsules (which can be turned into compost or organic fertilizer). These blends (combinations of some of the best coffees in the world) are called Baltra (coffee from the Galápagos Islands and a touch of Gesha grain), Kirati (from the Galápagos Islands and Nepal), Mirovia (combines coffees from the five continents), Henalu (coffees from areas related to the practice of surfing, such as Sumatra, Australia, Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands), Camanay (Costa Rica and Ecuador) and the decaffeinated Achene (Ethiopia, Sumatra, Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil).

Wolstton has coffee suppliers

Wolstton has coffee suppliers in the main areas of the world.

Wolstton Coffee capsules guarantee a perfect coffee storage for 18 months. This is so because during the encapsulation all the oxygen is removed from the coffee (which prevents oxidation) and nitrogen is added to guarantee an optimal state of preservation.

That yes, the packages of 12 units cost between 14.40 and 18 euros, which leaves the price of the capsules between 1.20 and 1.50 eurosdepending on the variety.

Why does a Wolstton capsule cost 1.5 euros?

Aguayo, CEO of the company, explains that the price is what it is because they only use Specialty Coffees (a category that only reaches the 4% of world coffee production). “Our coffees are much more expensive from the beginning, the farmers who produce them receive a more than fair remuneration for their products and, in turn, because they are Specialty Coffees, they are sustainable by nature in its production from an ecological, economic and social point of view,” explains Aguayo. The businessman adds that the firm also participate in various social programs such as the labor incorporation of women, training programs and prevention of breast cancer, eradication of child poverty and reforestation of previously destroyed areas.

Case with 12 c

Case with 12 Baltra coffee capsules (18 euros).

Wolstton Brewing Process

The company has several coffee suppliers from various parts of the world. Once the product is received, it is taken to the mixing and roasting plant for the blends in Lrida. The encapsulation factory is located in Manresa (Barcelona) as far as the cases and capsules that are made in Alicante.

Although at the moment they do not give figures of how many capsules they have prepared for the launch, they assure that they have capacity to have ready 30 million capsules per year if necessary. Although their intention is to distribute the capsules all over the world, at the moment they are for sale in the countries of the European Union and some bordering.

Wolstton has not developed its own machines to use the capsules, which are compatible with other coffee machines of this style on the market, such as those from Nespresso or DeLonghi.

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