The movie that changed Hollywood

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.” With this phrase began 45 years ago “Star Wars” (“Star Wars” in its original version)one of the most important phenomena of popular culture in recent decades.

Since its debut in 1977, nine parts of the saga have been released (the last in 2019) which, as expected, have provoked reactions of all kinds.

On the one hand, the purists, who think that only the original trilogy deserves to be taken seriously and consider subsequent films anathema.

Others, on the other hand, consider that the saga has evolved according to the market and that each era is reflected in its corresponding episode.

Its premiere marked the final goodbye to classic Hollywoodmortally wounded by the brutal bites inflicted on the box office two years earlier by the Jaws by Steven Spielberg and that the fight against the galactic empire of a group of rebels only finished it off.

One of the premises of Hollywood prior to “Star Wars” was to take for granted that movie box offices were adult thing. Although there was an important production of films for young people and children, the big studios did not take this audience too seriously.

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The success of movies like Coppola’s “The Godfather”They set the trend at the box office. Movies with complex plots and content not suitable for all ages, directed by established filmmakers in whom the dazzling “star system” of the time shone.

With the premiere of “Star Wars”, its director george lucas showed that a production with a simple plot and a youth theme, made by an almost unknown filmmaker and without great actors in your credits could be a gold mine.

In front of the screens, Lucas brought together crowds of young people and adults accompanying their younger children, who made the film a before and after. A phenomenon that forever changed the rules of the game in Hollywood.

Books, comics and television series have revitalized the “Star Wars” universe, in a trend that seems to have no limits. In addition, it has marked a good part of modern science fiction films, transforming the usual dystopian darkness before “Star Wars”, into a luminosity that anticipates a happy ending for the heroes of the films.

Over time, the phenomenon has transcended screens and literature and has been incorporated as a part of popular culture.

In short, 45 years traveling through galaxies far, far away, accompanying heroes with whom we identify and who promise us a happy and cathartic ending.

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