The guests of ‘El Hormiguero’ this week: an athlete, a chef, a politician and three influencers

ORsportsman (Juancho Hernangmez), a chef (Jose Andres), a politician (miguel angel revilla) and three influencers (Dulceida, Mara Pombo and Laura Escanes) will be the guests who will have fun next week -between Monday 23rd and Thursday 26th of May- at ‘The Anthill’the Atresmedia entertainment program that presents Paul Motorcycles and is broadcast from Monday to Thursday from 9:45 p.m. on Antena 3.

Monday, May 23: Juancho Hernangmez

the player of basketball will open the week of guests at ‘El Hormiguero’, but not to talk to us about his profession, but because of the foray into the cinema that will take place on next June 8. the player of the utah jazzz of the NBA debut as an actor in the feature film ‘Claw‘, produced by Hollywood star Adam Sandler, who is also part of the film.

Juancho Hernangmez He comes from a family that breathes basketball, since his parents were professional players and his brother, ‘willy‘, he also plays in the NBA, in the New Orleans Pelicans.

Tuesday, May 24: José Andrés

The Spanish chef will set foot on the set for the first time ‘The Anthill‘ to recount his experience in the gastronomic world and his work as founder of ‘World Central Kitchen‘, where it provides food to the most needy places on the planet.

One of his last assignments was his hard work on the border between Ukraine Y Polandwhere he received the Ukrainian refugees and gave them food and shelter as a result of the war unleashed between Russia and Ukraine on February 24. In addition, the premiere of his documentary ‘Feeding the world’ is pending, which will be released on next May 27 at Disney .

Wednesday, May 25: Miguel Ángel Revilla

An old acquaintance visits ‘El Hormiguero’ and his friend again Paul Motorcycles. It is the president of Cantabria and the Secretary General of the PRCwho will give his opinion, always with his own particular style, on the current political panorama.

Thursday May 26: Dulceida, Mara Pombo and Laura Escanes

Three of the best-known influencers in the country come to ‘the anthill‘ to give his opinion on the sector of social networks, the internet, and how they came to create one of the personal brands that all firms seek to promote themselves.

His experience over the years, the future of influencers and their next works are one of the topics they will deal with to close the week of guests at ‘El Hormiguero’.

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