The fake video of Jason Momoa in Depp’s trial against Heard that goes viral on TikTok

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard resume this Monday, May 23, what will be the last week of the judicial process in which they are involved after the actor denounced his ex-wife for defamation, and that she did the same against him. Both ask for a millionaire compensation from the other, because of an article that the actress wrote in the newspaper Washington Post, posing as a victim of domestic violence. An article in which he never named Depp, but which he insists, hit his career hard and ruined his image forever.

A judicial process in which many of the murky details of the relationship between the two have been known during their relationship, but also in which the names of many famous people have come to light, such as Elon Musk, James Franco, Ellen Barkin, Paul Bettany or Jason Momoa. In the case of the Hawaiian actor, his name was made public when some conversations he had with the actress were read during the filming of Aquamanwith whom he participated in 2018.


Jason Momoa and Amber Heard starred in ‘Aquaman’ (2018).


The actor has avoided speaking since the process that confronts the actors began, and although many have tried to get their reaction and opinion, the only thing that has been achieved to date is that rumors appear about Momoa’s alleged support for Depp , which many say was so after the Hawaiian followed Depp on Instagram.

Except for that little detail that really doesn’t mean anything, Momoa still doesn’t comment. However, a video circulates on social networks in which the actor is seen testifying in the trial that he faces the ex-partner. A testimony that the Hawaiian provides by videoconference and in which he takes the side of Johnny Depp. The video has become viral on social networks, with many applauding the actor’s positioning.

Now, as you can see, the video is a parody: neither Jason Momoa has testified, or anything like that. Her name has only come up again at trial after the actress’s representative, Jessica Kovacevic, testified that the negative image of Heard because of her ex-husband is what caused her role in the second installment of Aquaman, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomwould be considerably reduced.

A role that was officially changed, according to production company sources, due to the lack of chemistry with Momoa, the star of the film. This second part, pending release in March 2023, is still in the post-production process, with thousands of followers of the saga calling for the expulsion of Amber Heard, who already explained in her testimony that it cost her a lot to “stay” in the project , despite having signed a contract for a trilogy.

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