The Bad Boys crew comforts Will Smith

The American actor continues to suffer setbacks and now he said goodbye to one of the most iconic models he used in the film. Read on and find out the details.

The acting career of Will Smith is in ‘interdict’. All the film production companies with which he had joint projects have delayed the dates of their set-ups after the actor’s incident with Chris Rock at the Oscars.

His slap in the face of the comedian has earned him a 10-year suspension from the Academy and a reputation for “BadBoy” that precedes him since he played the detective Mike Lowrey in the movie of the same name. Under the direction of Michael Bayand sharing a cast with Martin Lawrence, this action film released in 1995 grossed more than 140 million dollars at the box office around the world.

And it is precisely the entire cast of this film that has been left speechless after Will’s last goodbye. An Porsche Turbo Type 964used in one of the most iconic scenes of the film, and which was one of the most important cars at the beginning of the 53-year-old actor’s career, was auctioned by $1.43 million.

Smith was always in favor of keeping this machine from the German manufacturer within the set design of the film. This Porsche was a renewal of the renowned 911, and It has a 3.6-liter boxer engine with air cooling that leads it to develop 250 horsepower.

Considered a cult object, both Will and Michael Bay were directly responsible for using this model in the recording. Hence, this new setback is added to the millionaire contracts that the protagonist of “I’m legend” for his outburst in front of millions of viewers.

+ This was the Porsche that was auctioned

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