Teresa Ruiz, the Oaxacan actress who fell in love with Mark Wahlberg on his return to the US

Most Latino actors and actresses leave for Hollywood looking for an opportunity to internationalize their careers, but there are others who, although they started working in the mecca of cinemaarrive in Mexico to win over the Latino public.

one of them is Theresa Ruizwho became known in Mexico with the series “Narcos: Mexico” in the role of Isabella Bautista, a character inspired by “La Reina del Sur”, to which was added that of the lawyer Azucena in “Luis Miguel, the series “.

“I was born in Oaxaca but two years later we went to Los Angeles, there I studied and developed my career, and for a few years I returned to Mexico to do Latin projects,” he said.

The 33-year-old actress premieres “The Miracle of Father Stu“, a film in which he co-stars with actor Mark Wahlberg and that marks his return to the Hollywood industry.

“The message and the cast are things that made me accept this job; I hope that this is a way in which I can combine my work in Mexico and in the US.”

Teresa plays Carmen, a Catholic teacher who crushes on Stuart Long, an ex-boxer who moves to Los Angeles after suffering an injury. To win her over, Stuart becomes involved in religion and finds his calling as a priest.

“I think the film is about how to recover from adversity,” Ruiz said.

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