Robert Patrick revolutionized Argentina Comic Con

Invited by Argentina Comic Con, Robert Patrick, the remembered interpreter of productions such as Terminator 2, X-Files and the recent Peacemaker, revolutionized the event with his grace and interest in sharing anecdotes with the public present. He was interviewed twice on the center stage of the convention and participated in a meet & greet. diary today was present in one of them and brings the best statements of the talk.

“It’s good to see you, I feel good in Argentina, it has been a dream come to Buenos Aires, very beautiful. It is my first time in the country, the people are fantastic and I like to meet them all when they come for autographs and photographs, I am very happy to be here”, he said at the beginning of the interview and after the applause of the public present in the auditorium, which, for the first time, and due to the pandemic, was located outdoors.

“I had an idea of ​​what I wanted to do, I enjoyed playing outside with my friends, imagining that I was a soldier, a cowboy, an Indian, but I never thought I would do it as a professional, I wanted to be someone else and that’s how it all started. In the early days you had to act and you were nervous because you weren’t that talented, but I grew and gained confidence in my abilities and then you became an artist, until I got into Terminator 2 and I had to trust my instincts and that’s how it was. He wanted me to move in the audition, and after reading the script I came up with a few things that all together gave me the chance, ”he recalled about his first steps in acting.

“When I got the role in Terminator 2 I was not aware that it would change my life and career, until today, because no matter what I do, The Sopranos, X-Files, Peacemaker, everyone remembers me for embodying T-1000, that at one point he is more famous than me. It’s nice to be part of that, I wish every actor had that chance, “he continued about the character that made him an icon.

But Patrick was not the first choice for the character: “Billy Idol was going to embody him and he had an accident with his Harley Davidson motorcycle and that gave me the opportunity to believe in an unknown actor for the character. That’s one of the reasons why I love Harley Davidsons (laughs), I love them so much that I own a dealership. I met Idol very close to when Terminator 2 came out and he told me: I was going to do it”.

At one point in the interview, images of his casting for the film were broadcast, where he was seen in his underwear walking around the studio, making the characteristic look of T-1000, while the audience cheered, when Patrick was asked about that audition. clarified: “I don’t remember much about it but luckily those images will remain forever because my body no longer looks like it did back then. I think my son looks a lot like me back then.”

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