Rihanna dreams of a childhood she won’t be able to give her son

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 11: Rihanna poses for a picture as she celebrates her beauty brands fenty beauty and fenty skin at Goya Studios on February 11, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Rihanna plans to raise her son in Barbados but does not understand that her fame can prevent it (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Rihanna’s baby has just been born and, although she has not uploaded any photos to her social networks to preserve the privacy of her first newborn child. However, the inevitable has happened and a photo of RiRi with her baby resting on her chest shortly after birth has already gone viral.

The press has caught the artist in loose clothing, a cap and in camouflage around the city of Los Angeles a few days after becoming a mother but, according to the Sunday Mirror, her days in Hollywood are numbered.

Now that Rihanna is a mother, she wants her son to grow up as she did, in a natural environment, quiet and away from the star system that has given her so many successes, being the richest singer in the world thanks to her clothing and cosmetics firm. ‘Fenty’, according to Forbes in its latest annual list.

Rihanna, nicknamed the goddess of Barbados, You don’t want your baby to have to put up with constant harassment from the press, stolen photos, street chases, being called ‘Rihanna’s son’ at school and leaving Los Angeles for that.

The aforementioned media outlet says that in three months, a reasonable period because her child is still very small, she will pack her bags for the island in the Caribbean Sea where she was born because that is where she wants to raise her son with the rapper ASAP Rocky, whom she already would have convinced to move.

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The couple’s idea is to start from scratch in Bridgetown and the source says: “Rihanna loves Barbados and loved growing up there. She wants to give her baby the exact same experience she had, away from all the entertainment world.

This bohemian dream of the child growing up surrounded by peace and calm is ideal and shows how much his mother loves him, but let’s face it, when Rihanna was little she was completely anonymous, this child has already been born the son of one of the biggest stars of the world pop, things change, right?

When Rihanna has recalled on more than one occasion on her social networks what her childhood was like, she does so with unconditional love for Barbados and its people: “All those lessons, running around barefoot, gossiping neighbors, braiding our hair at the doors of the houses, playing in the cemetery, walking on the beach, the rum shop karaoke keeping the whole street on edge until four in the morning (Roy Orbison’s Only the Lonely plays in my head as I write this), stealing pomegranates from Sammy’s tree, begging my mother to let me go to Jan’s store because she had snacks from the United States,…”

And he continues recounting moments: “Selling plastic and glass bottles to Peter so that I can buy those snacks, styling my hair with tongs to go to the harvest party at church, doing my homework on the front doorstep while Miss Hyacinth yells at me ‘you’re going to hurt your belly on that cold step’ from her balcony, watching her dreadlocks drag across the floor like a couture dress, all the times I thought Melissa was coming to hang out with me and it turned out that I was hanging out with my next door neighbor, rushing to do the dishes when my mother’s high heels started clicking on the asphalt as she got off the bus from work. Everything on this street!”

This beautiful text collects great intimate moments of the life of the artist but I am very afraid that her son will not be able to live in this ideal environment of freedom that she recounts, and that is because a retinue of bodyguards surrounds her 24 hours a day and obviously her son is also someone important to protect.

The romanticization that Rihanna has of the childhood that she wants for her offspring can turn into a tremendous disappointment, and that is that, even if she moved to Barbados, that of playing free in the street or not being persecuted by the press… it will continue to be a dream.

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