Megan Fox responds to criticism for letting her son wear dresses and teaches motherhood

Megan fox She was heavily criticized for letting her little son wear dresses, but she kept quiet and gave a very important lesson about clothes to all the moms in the world.

The actress who has suffered harassment and hatred on social networks more than once for her way of being or wearing her relationship with Machine Gun Kellythis time he did not allow the malicious words of people to reach his offspring.

Now his eldest son Noah, who has been seen together with Megan Fox wearing dresses, has caused outrage from users, but they have also made fun of the youngest for wearing “girls’ clothes”.


Megan Fox’s love for her son defending him from criticism for wearing dresses

Through an interview with TheTalk The actress revealed that at the school where Noah attends, which she says is “liberal”, she has been the victim of ridicule and cruel comments from her classmates.

However, Megan reported that this has not prevented her son from using his dresses, this is something he likes a lot and does not plan to stop wearing them.

“When I entered school, all the children laughed at me, but I don’t care. I love dresses,” the little boy told Fox.

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The reasons why Noah wears these clothes is because he is very interested in fashion, he has even created outfits for his mother, so he is expected to be a great designer.

But the fact that her mother is famous only caused her more problems with netizens and the press, which is why in another interview with InStyle He spoke directly about what he thinks about the comments.

“I don’t want her to have to read that crap, already at her school she hears little kids saying ‘kids don’t wear dresses’ or ‘kids shouldn’t wear pink.’ Those who criticize him are mean and cruel people.”

Even due to the reaction of both the press and people on the internet, he stopped uploading photos of his children since 2017, because he did not want them to read the comments of ill-intentioned people.

However, Megan is convinced of raising her children in this way and the truth is that she is applauded because clothes, as you well know, have no gender.


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