Matt Hardy, surprised and disappointed by the firing of Bray Wyatt

Since being fired by WWE, Bray Wyatt has not reappeared in a ring and there’s nothing that says i could do it anytime soon, despite rumors that he has had talks with some companies; The reality is that he has not reached an agreement, in part because of the onerous sum that he has requested to fight again. In any case, the fighter does not seem to be in much of a hurry and at the moment he is focused on his family, considering that he recently got engaged to the mother of his children, JoJo Offerman.

Bray Wyatt / The Fiend in WWE
Bray Wyatt / The Fiend in WWE

► Matt Hardy believes that Bray Wyatt was a money-making machine in WWE

While in WWE, Bray Wyatt was one of the company’s main merchandising drivers, but the company decided they wanted to move on without him. The Fiend had been one of the most popular characters at the time and Wyatt’s sudden departure shocked many within the industry.

Matt Hardy, a former partner of Bray Wyatt with whom he was Tag Team Champion, reflected on the latter’s departure during a recent episode of the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, indicating that he was shocked and disappointed by WWE’s decision to release Bray from his contract and did not understand the movement because Bray had been one of those who sold the most merchandise at the time of his departure.

“It was shocking. I mean, because he was one of the biggest merchandise movers they had. That’s usually a pretty big part of the longevity of the business. If you’re selling a lot of merchandise, that usually means you’re making money.

You know, it was very shocking, very disappointing.. I don’t even know if it was because I had re-signed a contract, it was too much, and they said, it’s one of those things, it’s a business now more than ever.

If they have a guy that they think is making too much money, nobody is indexable and they have built the brand around WWE. Vince McMahon doesn’t need anyone’s Superstar at any given time. They really have built it all around WWE and that’s the appeal.”.

Bray Wyatt as The Fiend
Bray Wyatt as The Fiend

Hardy commented after he had pitched an idea to WWE of that he wanted to see a fight between “Willow”, his brother Jeff’s alter ego, and The Fiend. Obviously, none of that happened.

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