Luis Suárez revealed that Liga MX clubs seek his services

The Uruguayan striker revealed in an interview in Spain that clubs from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina have shown interest in his signing, after being released from Atlético de Madrid

Luis Suarezone of the most lethal strikers in football, acknowledged that, after his departure from Atlético de Madrid, various teams have sought him out to continue his career, including Mexicobut the Uruguayan striker intends to continue in football on the Old Continent, before returning to the American continent.

“Europe is what calls you the most. They call you from South America from teams like Brazil, they called me from Central America, like from Mexico, after Argentina there are also possibilities, but honestly my mentality and my head is for the competitive level. The level in South America is high and it has grown a lot, but I have my head here,” he commented on the Cadena Ser program ‘El Larguero’ in Spain.

Luis Suarez He recently ended his relationship with Atlético de Madrid, a team in which he was after a brilliant stage with Barcelona, ​​but left the mattress team alongside Mexican Héctor Herrera, who decided to put an end, at least temporarily, to his adventure in Europe to return to the American continent with the Houston Dynamo of the MLS, but the Uruguayan indicated that, although he has not made a decision about what his future will be, he has had communication with teams on this side of the world and between them he includes Mexico.

The Uruguayan made it clear that he still hasn’t defined which shirt he will defend next, but his priority is to continue in Europe.

“I swear I don’t (I have defined my future). There are many options, many proposals. We were just talking with my brother-in-law ‘they are driving you crazy, aren’t they?’ They call me, they write to me because I handle myself alone with my lawyer and my people. I am lucky enough to make the decision and to listen, I listen to everyone, I do not close the door to anyone, but when the time comes that I say this, I am convincing for me, for the competition, for the family, there we will make the decision.

“Honestly, I’m not thinking about money. I’m thinking on a sporting level, which is what interests me the most and that’s what I want,” he continued. Luis Suarez.

Even the charrúa network breaker indicated that various rumors have reached his children at school and he is the first who has asked them not to pay attention to that.

“Good luck to you in the United States and the other told me ‘they told me we’re going to England’ and I said ‘don’t listen’, we’re the first to tell them,” said the attacker who has participated in several World Cups with his team and that he points to one more in Qatar 2022.

For now, some mexican teams don’t lose any sleep over tempting Luis Suarez with a striking proposal and thus be able to see one of the best strikers of recent years on the courts of the MX League, although, for now, it seems that this idea will have to wait a little longer.

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