Kylie Jenner Fans Go Wild As The Reality Star Reveals Her ‘Perfect’ Driver’s License Photo


Kylie Jenner blew fans away at how perfect her new driver’s license photo is.

Although many of us will have suffered at least one unflattering passport photo or driver’s license in our lifetime, it seems that Kylie is immune to the curse.

The stunning reality star, 24, shared her flawless new driver’s license photo on Instagram but drove fans crazy because they couldn’t stand how perfect the image was.

The makeup mogul positively glowed in the gorgeous snap above her signature, which showed her in a chic gray top for the camera.

The mother of two looked very put together, but decided to let her lush brunette locks flow freely over her shoulder.

Kylie Jenner surprised her millions of Instagram followers with her perfect photo for her driver’s license (Image: Instagram) Read more related articles Read more related articles

The California-born queen might have been posing for a formal driver’s license photo, which is often taken at the DMV, but she looked fit for a red carpet.

Unsurprisingly, fans of Kylie swooned over the stunning driver’s license image in the comments, but many were left envious of how perfect the photo was.

One gushed: “one of the most iconic photos,” while another agreed: “I’m really obsessed with this photo!!!”

A third said, “I wish my ID was this perfect.”

Kylie has already lost 40 pounds three months after giving birth to her second baby (Image: Instagram) Read more related articles

A fourth admitted: “Why don’t all my ID photos look like this lol.”

A fifth added: “You know yourself badly when you can pose from any angle.”

Kylie recently revealed that she had already lost 40 pounds just three months after giving birth to her son, having initially gained 60 pounds during her second pregnancy.

She shares her son with fellow rap star Travis Scott, but their baby’s name is currently unknown as they changed his name from Wolf.

Kylie and rapper Travis Scott initially named their son Wolf, but later dropped the name (Image: Getty Images) Read More

Kylie shared a snap of herself on the treadmill as she told her fans, “I gained 60 pounds again this pregnancy. I lost 40 pounds [prayer hands] trying to be healthy and patient. Walking/pilates is my favorite combination.

Kylie welcomed her son into the world in February and had originally named him Wolf, but she and Travis later opted not to use the name.

She told Entertainment Tonight that she wanted to “make sure” they settled on the right name before making it official.

Kylie said: “Before I officially change it, I want to make sure.

Wolf was never on our list. I liked the name. There’s nothing against Wolf, it just wasn’t him.”

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