Kate Moss could testify in Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard

the ex of Johnny Depp, Kate Moss could testify at trial that the actor maintains against his ex-wife amber haradafter she mentioned it in one of her statements.

Depp had a relationship in the 1990s with the model and it is presumed that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor maintains a close relationship with her.

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The British model would speak in the Court of Virginia through a videosources told People magazine.

This Was The Mistake Amber Heard Made That Kate Moss Could Be Called For

All this would happen after in the trial Amber Heard will mention her when taking the standwhere he said that the actor had been violent with Kate Moss.

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“Just in my head, I instantly think of Kate Moss and the stairs”, in reference to an alleged push by Depp to Moss when they had a relationship.

Such a mention would Johnny Depp’s defense will summon the model to testify at trialwho would be in favor of the actor.

What would happen if Kate Moss declares in favor of Depp?

If the model is called to testify and breaks the silence about what really happened on that occasion and says that she was not violated by Depp, the actor’s defense can set an important precedent in his favor.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp were in a relationship for four years and ended in 1997.

The trial that has become so mediatic began on April 11, a second legal battle between Depp and Heard, for which the actor accuses her of defamation and demands compensation of 50 million dollars due to an article she published. in The Washington Post newspaper in 2018, after her divorce, in which she claimed to have suffered “domestic abuse”.

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