Hermeticism before the departure of Stephanie McMahon, who distances herself from WWE

Stephanie McMahon’s announcement to make a couple of days about the decision he made to walk away from all his work obligations with WWE was surprising. Initially, it was thought that she was going to take a vacation, however, in the last few hours she has revealed something quite interesting and it is the fact that in her professional networks, Stephanie McMahon has removed almost all reference to WWE.

Only a small mention of the company is made in the biography, but in the space dedicated to describing her work and the tasks she carried out with the company, where she worked in multiple functions, from screenwriter, Director of the Creative Team and Executive in various positions. , the most recent, that of Chief Brand Officer (Brand Chief). This it is a clear sign that Princess McMahon is preparing to look for a new job.


► Stephanie McMahon sees WWE as a possible obstacle to her career

“This could mean nothing or it could mean something, you don’t know. Although he left references to WWE in his biography and his background image, the Linked In page of Stephanie McMahon no longer includes her work history in WWEjust your educational history and your volunteer work history.”

On the other hand, Wade Keller of Pro Wrestling Torch was able to obtain new information regarding Stephanie’s departure from the company, although not much has really been known since there is too much secrecy in the company and in Stephanie’s personal life.

Very few people really know what motivated Stephanie’s departure from her job position in WWE, but Keller was able to make an interesting analysis of the situation and highlighted the importance of Stephanie in changing the image of the company since the 2000s, but especially after the double murder and suicide committed by Chris Benoit. This is what Keller had to say:

Stephanie McMahon WWE 20th Anniversary Celebration Marking Premiere Of WWE Friday Night SmackDown On FOX

«The indications that I have received tell me that, to a large extent, it is his decision to walk away from WWE. He has been working for WWE for over 20 years. Shane McMahon has been in and out of working in WWE. She is the daughter of Vince McMahon and has been very embedded in the heart of this company.

“Recently, she was the Brand Director. I have been told not to expect the reasons why Stephanie is leaving WWE to come to light. But what they tell me is that yes, Stephanie has her reasons why she left. Yes, there is something there, but They tell me that this is not going to transcend into a public scandal.

“That’s what I learned from talking to people who know Stephanie and Hunter (Triple H) and people who know people who know them. And yes, they are telling me things. Whatever is going on, it appears that it is and will be kept very private.

Vince McMahon's worst mistake
Vince McMahon with a young Stephanie McMahon – WWE

“And they haven’t given me any indication of what it could be. So yes, it is a private and personal matter, it could have to do with Vince McMahon, or with Shane McMahon and what happened, the way they froze his dates and sent him home after the Royal Rumble 2022 or it could be by Triple H and the way in which he left the power of NXT and everything that happened after.

Although, of course, I might as well have to to do with some completely different problem within the family or something completely different. I can only say that I’m pretty sure it won’t come to light, at least not imminently. And it’s probably not going to be something like it’s going to be a newspaper headline or anything like that.

“I don’t think anything that has made Stephanie McMahon walk away from WWE it’s going to be scandalous, but it does have to be something big and significantbecause she has been very ingrained with WWE for so many years ».

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