Fortnite: How to play Chica Fun Run in creative mode, we leave you the challenge code

The creative mode of Fortnite is one of the pillars of the game, beyond everything that is made up of the game. battle royale. Creations and experiences that are hard to imagine take place here, and we bring you one that is taking the Epic Games gaming community by storm. We refer to fun run girlan event that will take you through a series of fun and challenging platform trials.

Chica is one of the most popular content creators in Fortnite, and to celebrate, we can all take part in the Girl Fortnite Cup in order to get the highest score. The objective? Go through a very dangerous labyrinth being careful not to fall into infinity or end up buried by some of its deadly traps.

As usual, to enter this experience you must first enter the corresponding code in creative mode, we leave it to you below:


Once we are inside, all we have to do is stand in front of the monitor on Chica’s transmission desk and press the corresponding button to enter her world.

From then on, all that remains is to enjoy and demonstrate your skill at the controls trying to dodge traps and jumping to reach the end of this successful creative mode game included in Fortnite.

The closing of the most important event of the year with the Team of the Season is approaching and your vote can do the bit to decide the best players of the year.

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