For Felipe Ramos Rizo, Nicolás Ibáñez should have been expelled

The ESPN arbitration analyst assured that the level of the central judge Fernando Hernández is “on the street”

MEXICO — Philip Ramos Rizoreferee analyst ESPNconsider that Nicholas Ibanez must have been expelled at minute 20 of the second leg of the Clausura 2022 semifinals, between Pachuca Y America at the Hidalgo Stadium.

The play was presented at 20′ in the midfield of the Hidalgo Stadium, an area in which Richard Sanchez was in charge of distributing the ball. The Paraguayan released the ball, but received a stomp from behind by Nicholas Ibanezwho was only reprimanded.

Richard Sanchez he lay down on the grass to be treated by the medical staff of the America. When the Paraguayan stood up, Fernando Hernandez, central referee, immediately went to the VAR screen to review the action and was quick to confirm that it was only a yellow card. Nevertheless, Philip Ramos Rizospecialist of ESPNconsiders that it was a mistake of the whistler.

“Ibáñez de Pachuca must be expelled,” he wrote. Philip Ramos Rizo in their social networks while being treated Richard Sanchez, but criticized him again after the VAR review. “They are a shame, they are afraid of expelling a local, not even with the VAR they expel, Fernando Hernández in the street”.

Philip Ramos Rizo published the video of the lack of Nicholas Ibanez on Richard Sanchez, in which he reiterated the error of the central referee. “Clear expulsion, Pachuca plays with 11 thanks to Fernando Hernández”.

The action occurred when Pachuca they won the second leg with a score of 1-0 with a goal from Romario Ibarra after 13 minutes of play, a goal that made it 2-1 in favor of Pachuca on the aggregate score.

The work of Fernando Hernandez was again criticized for Curly Bouquets for not expelling Bruno Valdez for an entry on Romario Ibarra at minute 40, which the whistler only sanctioned with a yellow card.

“Now Bruno Valdez is saved from the expulsion min 39, even the referee, bad for both”.

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