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The ‘mama lioness’ is a great actress, but she has skills that few would think


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Ferka has shown in the first episodes of ‘Inseparable, love to the limit’ who always gives everything when making a project and in one of the games she shared with us that she is living her dream of being an actress, but there is a very important detail that you do not know about her.

After completing her studies as an actress, Maria Fernanda Quiroz his real name, he began working on several soap operas, enjoying success on the small screen at the age of 22, but he also participated in several stagings that showed his incredible talent in musical theater:

The interpreter was part of the cast of various musical productions such as ‘Vaseline’, ‘Godspell’, ‘Cats’ and ‘The Grinch’, in addition to appearing in the play ‘Las Preciosas Ridiculas’ and in other short films that were presented in Spain and at the Morelia International Film Festival.

Through her YouTube channel, the actress shared in a count titled ’50 things about me’, which he uploaded in April 2018, why is he not such a fan of singing live.

“You have to believe that I am not painful, that I am not sorry for anything, but it does happen. It makes me very sad to sing live; Already in karaoke, with some mezcal, I give it to him, but it does make me sad. I’m studied to be able to sing in musicals, but there’s no way at the ‘que cante’ party, shame on you“, He says.

More curiosities and hidden talents of Ferka

In the video, Ferka also shared some little-known details about herself, including her artistic background.

I am a studied woman, prepared, not an invented one, any lump of the race. Do not! I have what my studies have been and something you don’t know is that I dance tap “he expressed.

He also shared that his favorite movie is ‘August Rush’, he likes French and Mexican food, his favorite actress is Meryl Streep and he shared a curious fact about his lungs.

“I have one and a half because they punctured it when I was 22 years old. He filled me with liquid then (he makes the sound of sucking), they had to remove the liquid so he was left (smaller) ”, he expressed.

And she was a news anchor a couple of years ago too!

Do not miss Ferka with Sina in the third season of ‘Inseparable, love to the limit’, Monday through Thursday at 8:00 PM on Channel 5.

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