Fast & Furious 10, Vin Diesel celebrates Sung Kang, returning as Han | Cinema

Vin Diesel’s new Instagram post is dedicated to Sung Kang, who will return to play Han in Fast & Furious 10the penultimate chapter of the saga hitting theaters next year.

Here are the words of the actor:

As I took a moment to reflect on the last week of shooting I came across this image. For some reason it made me very nostalgic … not because she was the first voice and the strongest voice to fight for Han’s return in Fast 9 … but because it was Samantha who invited Sung to The outlaws, a job you may not have seen trying to link Fast 1 to Fast 4. She called him and said the studio wanted me to direct the short but there was no money for us actors. He replied that he would like to speak to his agents first, but then called back and agreed to take a flight to the Dominican Republic for a week of filming … after all it was my short film directed many years ago, Multifacial, which inspired him to continue shooting. be an actor.

Sung has always been an important pawn in this story, seeing him on set in 2022 makes my soul smile.

The film output is fixed for the May 19, 2023. The director, after Justin Lin’s farewell, is Louis Leterrier.

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