Colate compares Cristian Castro with Laura Bozzo

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after a few days ago Cristian castro He appeared with his new image, the same one that has already given much to talk about, Well, for many, more and more the singer he looks more like his father, Manuel “The crazy Valdes”passed away in August 2020.

Although blonde hair has always been part of the look of the son of Veronica Castro, However, now she wears a more platinum blonde, which has caught the attention of Internet users, who take advantage of this to create funny memes of the interpreter, while others like Nicolás Vallejo Nagera also gave their opinion.

And it is that the ex of Paulina Rubio, as rarely now, is very active on social networks, where he wasted no time in commenting on this new image of Cristian Castro and comparing it with the controversial Laura Bozzo, who is currently in “The house of the famous”.

Through a photograph that the production of “The house of the famous” released to show some of the many moments of the so-called “Lawyer of the poor” inside the building, that’s where Colate took the opportunity to write: “He looks a lot like Cristian Castro.”

Spaniards seldom get into this type of discussion or comment, so his opinion called attention and he decided to buy Cristian Castro with Laura Bozzo, which indicates that he is also aware of what happens in the property with these 16 personalities.

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