Chris Rock and his desired purchase thanks to Will Smith’s slap

For 3 million dollars Chris Rock will speak about the Will Smith slap

In the last installment of the Oscars #94, Will Smith became the star of the night after slapping the comedian Chris Rock in full transmission. From that moment, measures were taken to punish the actor, including being banned from Academy events for 10 years.

However, not everything has been ant color for the interpreter of “king richard”, because in addition to having won a statuette for his participation in said film, the sales of his autobiographical book “Will” have been shot.

On the other hand, Chris Rock has also benefited from the incident, because leaving aside the black eye he got after the hit, his tour “ego-death” sold out all the tickets for its performances throughout the United States despite having had a substantial increase in the price of them.

In addition, the comedian stated that he will speak about the incident with Smith only if he is paid 3 million dollars, the incredible thing is that he may Oprah Winfrey Y Ellen Degeneres are the main candidates to accept said offer and carry out the interview that has already been called the most watched of the decade or is it what is expected to happen, leaving behind Lance Armstrong Y kevin hart.

In any case, Rock has already planned where that money will go if the deal is made, since everything seems to indicate that he could invest it in one of the most exclusive cars in the world. Its about Koenigsegg Jeskoconsidered the fastest car in the world, with a 5-liter V8 biturbo engine that brings it to a power of 1,280 hp, generating 1,600 horsepower using E85 biofuel.

This beauty of motor was created by the Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg and its production was limited to 125 units Due to the cost of assembling each piece and the final sale price, delivered in 2022, however, it may be that thanks to the fame of the Oscars scene, the brand will consider making one more for the actor.

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