‘Beyond the result, split the mother’, the letter from Nahuel Guzmán

Monterey, NL /

After the removal of tigers in Semifinal at the hands of Atlas, with a great Vuelta match in which the felines scored four goals in the second half, but a penalty at 95′ gave the red and black team the victory, the goalkeeper Nahuel Guzman launched a letter on social networks addressed to feline fans.

El Paton He did not touch the issue of the improper alignment, he simply dedicated himself to being sentimental, to thank the auriazules fans who supported the team and even, He removed the label of incomparable to give them a new one: insurmountable.


And it is that Guzmán highlighted that Saturday night was magical, the support of the people who never stopped believing in the team and that thanks to that, Tigres was able to do the incredible thing, tie in the overall, which nobody thought would happen.

Also, he highlighted the phrase made famous by Osvaldo Batocletti, “regardless of the result, get the hell out of here”assuring that it was so and that he was not thinking about the result, but about the form.

“He did not reveal the result to me, but the way… and judging by the facts, a night that will go down in history,” were some of his words in the letter published on his Twitter account.

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