‘Bad Boys 4’ is still in development, according to an official from Sony Pictures

Winning an Oscar means, for most Hollywood actors, touching the peak of their career. But for Will Smith it meant hitting rock bottom in many ways. In the last 94th edition of the Academy Awards, the actor lost his temper after a joke by Chris Rock about his wife’s alopecia, Jada Pinkett Smithand made the wrong decision go up on stage and attack the comedian. That act condemned him to not being able to approach the Oscars for the next ten years and to see how various of his film projects were canceled or paused. bad boys 4however, has not stopped its machinery.

Smith’s career is not affected at all, there are still movies on the way

Although we thought that Will Smith’s career was currently more than stopped, since the actor is taking a break right now To deal with all the stress to which he is being subjected, it seems that the actor has some other title in the works, such as the aforementioned fourth installment of Two rebel policemen, which should continue without Michael Bay in the direction. A director of Sony, Tom Rothmannas confirmed in an interview for dead line:

“That movie has been in development and still is. [refirindose a Bad Boys 4]. What happened was very unfortunate, and I don’t think it’s really my place to comment, except to say that I’ve known Will Smith for many years and I know he’s a good person.”

bad boys

That is to say, that the future of the protagonist of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is still linked to the audiovisual and we will have more projects of the actor published in the future. Now, the release dates are another story because we really do not know when and where they will be released. bad boys 4 should reunite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in a new action-packed police adventure.


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