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People are still talking about the last Academy Awards ceremony in which Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, after he made a joke with the wife of the actor from Two Bad Cops and King Richard: A Winning Family that, worth saying, It gave him the Oscar award in the category of best actor.

Many people criticized Smith’s act of fury and some of his projects in the cinema were cut short by the controversy it unleashed. He was banned for ten years from attending any event related to the Oscars and the second part of the movie Bright was stopped by Netflix.

Gives context: Chris Rock breaks silence on Will Smith’s slap

Will Smith

Will Smith punched comedian Chris Rock live.

Although he was on vacation in India and He took the opportunity to meditate and “heal himself”, the outlook for his career was revealed to be bleak. However, it has just received powerful support from Sony studios.

Will Smith, star of 'Bright'

Will Smith as Scott Ward in Bright.

I have known Will Smith for many years and I know he is a good person.

He was the president of that company himself, Tom Rothman, who backed Smith and even commented that he would be willing to greenlight the movie Bad Boys 4 (also known as Two Bad Boyswhich starred the actor alongside Martin Lawrence).

When the scandal broke, there was speculation that this production had been cancelled, but Rothman says otherwise.

“That movie has been in development and still is.. There were no brakes to pump because the car was not moving. That was a very unfortunate thing that happened (…) “, maintains Rothman.” I do not think I should comment on it, except to say that I have known Will Smith for many years and I know that he is a good person, “he assured.

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bad boys forever

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence achieved incredible chemistry in the Bad Boys saga.


In addition, he stressed that he believes in the actor’s words of repentance, “I think his intention to apologize is genuine.just as I believe in redemption and forgiveness”, stressed the Sony executive.

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A few words that provide a halo of hope to the actor and to an action and comedy saga that has always worked at the box office. Bad Boys for Life alone, released in 2020, grossed over $400 million. around the world.


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