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The term strobing means stroboscopic light, that is, intermittent light that illuminates what surrounds it. Applied to the hairstyle it indicates a particular contouring technique aimed at creating locks with natural reflections to illuminate the face and complexion.

And there are several celebrities who cannot give up the effect of this hair trendespecially the models Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn and the singer Perrie Edwards.

What is hair strobing

The hair strobing is a hair contouring technique that creates luminous reflections to emphasize the face and features. Certainly better known in the field make upstrobing applied to the hair is a technique that works on illuminants that reflect the warm colors of yellow and red, to recreate what the sun does during the summer months.

It is a professional methodology that must be done by an experienced hairdresser, within a certified salon and can be applied on any type of base color.

In make up strobing And contouring are techniques used to highlight and sculpt certain features of the face, highlighting them. This way one little pronounced cheekbone may appear more evident, a elongated chin will turn out more proportionatea important nose optically thinner.

There same philosophybrought back to the hair, can create areas of light and shadow areas on different sectors of the hair. In this way it gives three-dimensionality, moving the attention where it is desired and enhancing both the general appearance of the hair and the facial features.

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For example, in the case of a broad forehead it will be preferable to focus a darker shade on the roots up to mid-length and use a lighter shade for tips.

If, on the other hand, we have one jaw a little too protrudingit will be possible to intervene with a darker tone right in the vicinity of the same and a brighter nuance on the roots.

Blond hair

How hair strobing is born

The inventor of hair strobing is Nalan Derbyhair stylist of Andrew Jose, who told a Vogue: “Strobing is perfect for illuminating hair in a completely natural way because it sets the reflections in the same places where the sun would rest.

The shades are intensified in particular at the points where i facial features need to be softened or emphasized “.

No creation will therefore be never the same to another because the goal is to make the face and hair of every woman unique.

With the intertwining of colors that recall the warm ones of the sun, gods are created bright reflections. The result is somewhat reminiscent of highlights and shatush, but the finish is more natural and adapted to the features and volumes of each.

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How to do hair strobing

Hair strobing, however familiar you may be, cannot be done at home, but it must be done by a professional in the sector to carry out this technique on the hair.

This is mainly because, even before starting, a preventive study of the face and hair is carried out.

THE natural reflections they are then applied freehand, preferring shades of warm tones in the points where the sun usually sets. It starts from the top of the garment where the areas are wide and then gradually decrease when you go down on the lengths.

The key thing is that the effect is completely natural and tailor made.

hair collagen

Is hair strobing good for everyone?

Hair strobing, precisely because it must be customized, must be adapted primarily to the shape of the face. The purpose is to create a perfect ovaljust like what you get through the contouring made with make up.

If you have a triangular face, it will be necessary to darken the roots and lighten the locks on the sides of the face and near the chin. This way the oval will look less pointed.

If you want to harmonize a long faceInstead, the ideal is to keep the roots and tips of the hair darker. So you will go to illuminate the locks on the side parts.

In a round face, instead, the hair will have to be illuminated at the root, to create greater volume in height, while the strands on the sides will be left darker.

Finally, in the case of a square face it will be necessary to try to create a play of light and dark in the most angular areas.

The effect of the strobing it’s perfect if ours hair they are curly or with waves, ideal for making the most of color depth.

Strobing hair on dark hair

Despite this technique of hairstyling give the best of itself on the hair ash blondwhich can be brightened with maximum brightness, hair strobing it is potentially suitable for any color: from dark blond to brown, passing through a copper.

In fact, even dark shades can be lightened by one or two tones in the areas on which this technique is to be performed.

«Dark hair strobing is done like any other natural color type. Made freehand, it must create warm shades around the face. Post care is also important; to keep the shades alive and shiny you can use toners and treatments for colored hair to make the light reflect even more in our shades “, comments Davide Cichello, Framesi International Stylist Director.

Curly hair plopping

Disadvantages of hair strobing

They are not real disadvantages, but things to be taken into consideration anyway, because it is not a trivial technique and that can be performed without special precautions.

First of all it is a preliminary analysis is essential of the characteristics of the appearance of the hair that is going to be treated and unfortunately not all hair stylists do it.

Furthermore, it is about quite a long process – take yourself all afternoon – which require a number of preliminary procedures.

In the end, the price is not really affordable for everyone and it can be quite large, as it is determined by a large number of factors.

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