What is the video game Fortnite and how is it played?

“Save the world” is a game mode that is an open world that can be played alone or online with friends and, in addition, is cooperative with up to four players simultaneously. It consists of fighting using objects, improvements and fortifications to contain the hordes of monsters (creatures similar to zombies) while exploring a large and destructible world, where every game is different.. With the ability to build huge forts, craft weapons, find loot and level up your favorite characters.

Besides, the Battle Royale mode has up to 100 players at the same time on an island, in which they must try to be the last player alive. At the same time they will have to stay within a safe zone that constantly shrinks to avoid receiving lethal damage from a toxic storm which advances over the island as time passes. Players find weapons to gain an advantage over their rivals. They can break most objects to gain resources and use them as part of their survival strategy.

What is Fortnite and what does it consist of?

The video game Fortnite was released on July 21, 2017 by the American developer Epic Games, creator of the Unreal, Gears of War, Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade franchises. It was released as different software packages featuring different game modes, but sharing the same game engine and mechanics. It was announced at the Spike Video Game Awards in 2011 and is available on the platforms of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox OneProject Scarlett, iOS, Android, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Look at Ibai Llanos playing Fortnite:

In August 2020, the video game was removed from the App Store and Play Store for violating its rules, after the calculated move by Epic Games to skip commissions by implementing a direct payment method, although it is still available in the Epic store. Games Store, as well as the Galaxy Store. The novelty of last month was that the North American company decided to remove the constructions, the quintessential mechanic that allows building to take cover when facing a rival, but the change had a better reception than expected from the community, which included it permanently.

What is Fortnite and what does it consist of?

If Fortnite had so much success is due to a greater extent because it is designed for casual gamers. Its “Free to Play” model, like the League of Legends, Valorant, Clash Of Clans and Destiny 2 games, means that you don’t have to pay to play it. In 2019, The Fortnite World Cup became the most anticipated esports event, with a $100 million prize pool. Today, the American player Kyle Bugha Giersdorf is known as the highest earning player of all time, with more than three million dollars accumulated. He is considered one of the best players in history. Another of the most outstanding players is the Argentine Thiago King Lapp, who at the age of 13 in 2019 became the fifth best video game player in the world and received a prize of 900 thousand dollars.

What is Fortnite and what does it consist of?

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