“Top Gun: Maverick” has Tom Cruise going back to his first hero; the details – Tvshow – 05/22/2022

In just over a month he turns 60 and he doesn’t look it: it’s a miracle of genetics and, someone might say, aesthetic science. Tom Cruiseit had to be said, is the only human who does not age.

That is part of his public figure and the hero he represents in the movies. Cruise is the last action hero and the most unscathed survivor of his kind that emerged in the 1980s. In that he is also shooting immortal.

He maintains that status with a couple of open franchises, one of which, Mission Impossible is preparing its seventh installment and eighth installment. The other saga is the most proletarian, jack reacherwhich has two chapters.

As an action hero, he has delivered other classics of the genre, beginning with the most emblematic of his heroes, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, whom he presented in 1986 in top gun and the one who now recovers in Top Gun Maverick which is being previewed this weekend in Uruguay. Its official premiere will be on Thursday 29 and its debut in society was last week at the festival of Canneswhich also gave him an honorary Palme d’Or.

Yes, as they insist on top gun, “it’s the pilot, not the machine”, Cruise has always been more important than his films. He does his own stunts, even if they include hanging from a plane mid-flight or climbing a building in Dubai. The insurance premiums in his films tend to steal a good part of the budget. At Maverick everyone flew their own planes.

He is also his own producer, which gives him a freedom that he takes advantage of to have fun like a child.

“Working with Cruise is a pleasure: he is a total idol,” he told him. counted to El País César Charlone, who worked with him on Barry Seal: Made in America. “He likes to do the stunts. On some of those flights it was just me and him. And suddenly he was doing some buried with the plane that the camera fell out of my hand and he died laughing. He loved to jump into air holes to scare me.”

This gift of people is added to his figure as an enigmatic star marked by his adherence to Scientology, a belief always suspected. He was married three times (to the actresses mimi rogers, Nicole Kidman Y Katie Holmes) and has three children. He is not known as a partner now, although he has been linked with the actress. Hayley Atwellwho in fiction is the girlfriend of Captain America and will be in the next two Mission Impossible.

Much of its charm was founded on top gunthe 1986 film in which he introduced us to Maverick, the same character with which he now returns in, precisely, Top Gun Maverick.

The original film, a propaganda to the Armed Forces disguised in an action and romance film, was directed by the best filmmaker-publicist, Tony Scott, to whom this sequel is dedicated. Scott’s style is so ingrained in contemporary cinema that the new director, John Kosinski, does nothing to hide it.

The film pays homage to its predecessor all the time, right from the start traced to the tune of “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins which is still as eighties as all this invention. Maverick keeps driving his motorcycle like crazy and without a helmet.

In that first time, Maverick was an aspiring elite pilot despite having the arrogance of a renegade. He had some daddy issues and fell in love with the instructor (Kelly McGillis) most beautiful and good vibes of the entire military environment. It included Cruise performing a karaoke of “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'”, a romantic scene to the sound of “Take My Breath Away”plenty of intrepid engine noise flying, and an insistence on showing recruits in skimpy rags.

In fact, an entire generation lost its innocence when Quentin Tarantino (in the film Sleep with me) analyzed the film as a story about masculinities and homosexuality. It is a very possible reading.

of that in Top Gun Maverick there is little (a soccer game on the beach and bare-chested) and the thing is more on the side of surrogate parents and the need to deal with the past to arm themselves with courage to face the future. This time romance (with Penny, the local bar owner who plays Jennifer Connelly) is secondary.

More than 30 years have passed but we find Maverick more or less where he was, although his tenure in teaching (which was what he was going to do at the end of the first) was fleeting. He could be a general (“or a senator”, as one of the many superiors who look at him suspiciously tells him) but he is a captain living the lonely life of a semi-retired hero.

He is summoned back to the squad top gun, the best of the best of pilots, although this time to train and select a squad for a suicide mission. In that selected is Rooster (Miles Teller), the son of Goose, Maverick’s late partner, who still feels guilty about the accident that caused his death. He has not been able to shake the memory of him.

The aerial scenes meet the requirement of generating confusion, some vertigo and showing the star driving a fighter. Kosinski, the director who already directed Cruise in oblivionis correct and knows how to carry out -without too much personality, yes- the whole project.

It is difficult to compare it with the one from 1986 which, although smaller, is already a classic and here that merit is recognized. The appointments are constant and include the presence of Iceman, today turned into an admiral and who returns to interpret Val Kilmerwhich integrates his health ailments into the character.

But here the important thing is Cruise who does everything that is expected of him. He runs, because he’s always running in his movies, he does the classic look of concern for him.

The rest is more of the same but enough for an entertaining movie, as militaristic as the other, as unlikely as the other but it always works to see Cruise having fun like a child.

“I’m not going to retire, because I’m still learning, making movies, looking for stories,” he said at Cannes. “I think about the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and collaborating with a team and seeing what I can help and what they can help me with.”

A star who is always working: maybe that is the secret of his appearance so imperturbable over time.

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