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On Raiuno, the second and last part of the miniseries Just for passion, with Isabella Ragonese. On Italia 1, the action film Fast & Furious 7, with Vin Diesel.

This evening in TV Monday 23 May 2022. Su Raiduethe comedy show Made in Southwith Lorella Bowl And Clementine. Up Network 4current events with Fourth Republicprogram led by Nicola Porro.

Letizia Battaglia photographs the second episode where she is shot

This evening in TV Monday 23 May 2022, Rai

Up Raiunoat 21.25, the second and last part of the miniseries Only for passion – Letizia Battle photographerwith Isabella Ragonese. In Milan Joy (Isabella Ragonese) establishes herself as a photographer, but in 1974 she decides to return to Palermo with her partner Saints and founds the Photographic Information Agency. His shots in black and white for “Time“, Which document mafia crimes, go around the world.

Up Raidueat 21.20, the comedy show Made in South. There are more than 40 comedians in the cast of this tenth edition, the first conducted by Lorella Boccia And Clementine. Between them, Alexander Bolide, Pasquale Palma, Mariano Bruno, Francesco Cicchella ei Guidonia twins. The musical part sees the Neapolitan rapper as protagonists Livio Cori And Mavi.

Up Raitreat 21.20, the news with Report. Every week Siegfried Ranucci can count on the collaboration of historical signatures of the program such as Bernardo Iovene, Michele Buono, Cataldo Ciccolella, Elisa Marincola, Ilaria Proietti And Alessia Marzi. Even in the episode of this eveningspace for war in Ukraine and to environmental issues.

Up Rai 5at 9.15 pm, Visions. At the Teatro Massimo, third act of the trilogy written by Gery Mansion which seeks to bring out the difficulties of investigations into the attacks a John Falcon And Paolo Borsellino: lies and betrayals of those who tried to hide the truth.

Mediaset, Real Time programs

Up Network 4at 21.20, the news with Fourth Republic. What will be the next moves of Vladimir Putin? Why has so far the Russian offensive, however brutal, failed to finally weaken the Ukrainian resistance? What is the air in Moscow? These are just some of the themes that are proposed this evening to the attention of Nicola Porro and its commentators.

Up Channel 5at 21.20, the reality show The Island of the Famous. An episode or two? At the beginning of the week the question arises spontaneously in the light of recent second thoughts on the mass in friday wave. At the moment we know that the reality show conducted by Ilary Blasi with commentators Vladimir Luxuria And Nicola Savino is in schedule only this evening.

Up Real Timeat 21.25, the docu-reality Lives on the edge. The two daughters of Tammy they do everything to devote themselves to their mother, but it seems that the woman does not have the strength to react. Doctor Now intervenes to address a Tammy her problems and the difficulties that bind her to food.

The films tonight on Monday 23 May 2022

Up Rai Movieat 21.10, the 1970 western film, by Edwin Sherin, I am Valdezwith Burt Lancaster, Susan Clark. Deputy Sheriff Valdez is forced to kill a black man hunted by some criminals in self-defense. But the victim was not at fault and he will try to make amends for the injustice.

Up Italy 1at 9.20pm, the 2015 action film, by James Wan, Fast & Furious 7with Vin Diesel. Dominic Toretto’s group (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) ended up in Deckard Shaw’s sights (Jason Statham), who wants to avenge the death of his brother Owen. Agent Hobbs is also in trouble. A government official is ready to help them, but Dominic has to do something for him first.

Up Nineat 21.25, the 1998 science fiction film, by Michael Bay, Armageddon – Judgment the finalwith Bruce Willis. A giant asteroid threatens the Earth. After various searches, NASA entrusts the rescue mission to Harry, an oil drilling expert, and to his team of workers.

Up 20 Mediasetat 9.00 pm, the 2007 science fiction film, by Francis Lawrence, I am legendwith Will Smith. New York. In an indefinite future, a virus has exterminated humanity and transformed the few survivors in zombies. Dr. Neville, the only immune, seeks a cure for the terrible disease.

Up Iris, at 9.00 pm, the 1997 thriller film, by Gregory Hoblit, The touch of evilwith Denzel Washington. A killer is executed, but his evil soul passes from one human host to another, committing a series of crimes. For the policeman Hobbes who arrested him, it is the beginning of a nightmare.

This evening in TV Monday 23 May, films on Sky

Up Sky Cinema Dueat 9.15 pm, the biographical film of 2018, by Adam McKay, Vice – The man in the shadowswith Christian Bale. It is the story of the controversial Dick Cheney who, after a profligate youth, became vice-president of the United States from 2001 to 2009 during the administration of George W. Bush.

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