Tom Cruise, the great showman

Thirty-six years after the first installment of Top Gun was released, Tom Cruise returned to pilot the plane Peter Maverick in the sequel to the iconic 80’s film and like then, the movie turned out to be majestic.

There is no one like Tom Cruise. Although I must admit that he is not one of my favorite actors to interview because everything with him is too controlled (so much so that they never gave me an incredible interview that I did a few years ago for one of the installments of Mission: Impossible, because something of the that I asked did not like Cruise and although it was a conversation of about 20 minutes, quite pleasant and fluid, I never had access to that material Apparently he was uncomfortable that I asked him about religion Apparently he was uncomfortable that I asked him about religion religion. I’m sorry, I had to do it). In short, to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Ton Cruise is the king of the box office and a master at bringing masses to theaters. He is a true showman who knows his stuff, knows the industry perfectly and knows the exact amount of ingredients that a movie needs to be a success. So Top Gun: Maverick, the most entertaining movie I’ve seen in a long time… From the first second it started I got goosebumps and I was like that until it ended. But not only that, it is a film that makes you go through all the emotions because it is as nostalgic as it is exciting and full of spectacular action scenes, combined with good humor and many nods to that first installment with which we all grew up.

And it is that to make a good action movie you need much more than a good budget for special effects and props. It requires great screenwriters and a good director who knows how to bring the story to a successful conclusion as he did Joseph Kosinski who along with the leadership of Tom Cruise made a great movie. It is worth mentioning that the selection of the young cast is very good since both Miles Teller and Monica Barbaro, Glen Powell and Jay Ellis make a very good match with Cruise, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Connelly and Val Kilmer.

What I find most fascinating is that in the midst of the streaming explosion, it is these types of films that take us to movie complexes and that is when you fall in love with the magic of cinema again. I love watching movies and series on the various platforms, but I agree, nothing will ever be comparable to the experience of sitting in front of a big screen and feeling immersed in a story. And more so when it comes to a film where technology, good photography and direction lead you to get on one of those planes and experience what the actors are living and feeling. Just like what happened to me with Spiderman: No Homecoming, this movie made me applaud at the end and during various moments of it and that has to be thanked. So thank you Tom Cruise for giving us a wonderful product.

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