To hell with critics of Cuban doctors; here the testimonials of Mexican doctors

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent “to hell” those who criticize the hiring of 500 Cuban doctors because “the health of the people comes first.”

When supervising the progress of the Justice Plan for the Mayo People, López Obrador explained that first Mexican medical personnel who have no base will be hired and later doctors from the Caribbean island will be hired.

“Once we hire all the doctors -which we know we will need, especially in rural areas, in the most remote communities-, we are going to hire 500 Cuban medical specialists and that has the conservatives very angry because You know what? Let them go to hell, because the health of the people comes first.”

The president clarified that doctors can be from Mexico, Cuba, France or the United States “but doctors are to cure people.”


“Preventive medicine is the best medicine, but it is what they are not understanding. It is useless to have the ophthalmologist in Santiago Papasquiaro, if there we are not going to have access to any equipment, if there is not even a bench, that is, in the centers you’re not going to have a 6-million-peso microscope,” said Dr. María Ana Martínez-Castellanos, who is a pediatric retinal surgeon.

In an interview with La Silla Rota, the specialist recounted the problems she faced when she carried out her social service in a marginalized area of ​​the country and pointed out that it is not that the specialists do not want to work in these places, as President Andrés Manuel López says. Obrador, but even if they were, they don’t have what it takes to do their job.

“Let’s say that my thing was always to be in Chiapas in the social area and that right now I’m already a super ultra specialist and I say, I want to go to Chiapas to fix the world, he goes to the health center, which doesn’t even have a bathroom, much less medicines. He clearly does not have an ophthalmoscope. So what use is an ophthalmologist in a place where you have absolutely nothing, of course, what use is a doctor who knows how to attend births in a place where they do not even have an expulsion bed, “he criticized the doctor.

She related that in the 2000s, she carried out her social service in San Gaspar Tlahuelilpan, in Metepec, State of Mexico. In this community of 1,600 inhabitants, the doctor lived through very diverse experiences, from being offered money to treat someone who was shot, to caring for animals.

“Actually it wasn’t that far away, it was fairly close, but it was a place where they had clandestine dog fights, behind the health center there had been shots, that is, a dangerous place. Right now it’s different, they already divided up there, but in that time it was far away,” he said.

The doctor narrated that on one occasion they gave her two kilograms of 500-peso bills to cure a shot man, which she did not accept, but she could not attend to him either.

“So put the hill of money where I get to attend to him, that is, with gauzes and micropore I am not going to cure a shot, you need surgery, blood transfusion, serums, everything,” he said.

Although it was not the only extraordinary case, since he also treated animals that the villagers brought him, such as two dog births and the wound of a pig’s ear.

“It went well for me, I mean, it had its little things, I didn’t enjoy a single day there because it was a complicated place, but there are people who are much worse, who walk miles and miles, who don’t get food, who they have nothing,” said Dr. Martínez-Castellanos.


In recent weeks, President López Obrador announced the hiring of 500 Cuban doctors and justified his decision with the argument that Mexican specialists do not want to go to marginalized areas and that there are vacancies that have been empty for more than three years.

In this regard, the specialist indicated that “within medicine, not everyone is born to go to the hill and not everyone is born to be a surgeon and not everyone is born a gynecologist, there are those of us who love being in intensive care and it’s okay” .

Recalling the shortcomings that the health system currently has, the doctor pointed out that what the president should understand is that there are levels of care that have to be respected and in which he has to invest the most is in the first level, since in this ailments are detected in time and in most cases the situation is prevented from getting worse.

“What you have to invest the most in is at the primary care level, in your health centers everywhere, not with interns, with qualified doctors and with the entire team, and that would infinitely improve the health of the entire country,” he stressed. the specialist.

He mentioned that hiring Cuban doctors is not going to solve the situation in marginalized communities, due to the lack of equipment and supplies, and recalled that in order for them to work, they must homologate their studies.

Likewise, Martínez Castellanos declared that the medical union has been very cautious in the face of President López Obrador’s remarks, but pointed out that it would be important for him to remember the role they have and that if they were not there, the health system would collapse.

“That is, the movement of ’68, what happened in ’64, ’65, when the doctors went on strike must make you think that if it continues to attack, a strong union is taking over, that is, imagine that there is a strike national private and public doctors with one morning has. And here what you have to see is that it is not that he is attacking us as a union, what is really in the background is that he is not interested in the patient in the least, “he emphasized.

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