The reappearance of Elizabeth II… with Tom Cruise!

The Buckingham Palace no longer warns in advance about possible queen appearances Elizabeth II of England. The sovereign “has good days and not so good days”, as published by the British Royal House, which means that it is impossible for you to commit to attending events. The norm now is that the presence is made public only one hour, at most two, before the start of an event in question.

In the last days, precisely, Real home has hastily summoned reporters and photographers. If last week the absence of Isabel II on the Opening of Parliament monopolized the covers of half the world and caused a flood of comments about the real state of her health, these days we have been able to enjoy the sovereign twice again. Of course, both had to do with horses, the queen’s favorite hobby.

Isabel II had not appeared in public since March 29, the day the religious service was held for her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. But many who know her well knew that she did not intend to miss the Royal Windsor Horse Show, a multi-day equestrian event that is considered the sovereign’s favourite. In fact, he has not missed any edition since the equestrian event was inaugurated, back in 1943, and on many occasions their own horses and ponies have participated. This year has not been an exception.

Mid-morning on Friday, May 13, Isabel II appeared in the venue where the event was being held in a Range Rover. Without getting out of the car, he took the opportunity to take a look at the ponies from his stables that were going to run that day and chatted animatedly with a former horse breeder from the royal stables, Henrietta Knight.

Then he walked a few meters, got off right next to the authorities tent and walked a few steps to his seat. She went with a cane and the typical handkerchief of Hermes on the head that always shines in this act. The queen followed the competition very attentively and smiled with pleasure when one of her mares, Leia Balmoralwas tied with the highest award of the day.

The most emotional moment of the day, however, was when one of her granddaughters, Lady Louise Windsordaughter of prince edward and of Sophie Rhys-Jones, Earls of Wessexappeared riding in a carriage that had belonged to her grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh. Just as the float passed her, the sovereign thought for a moment, doubtless remembering the great moments her late husband had spent driving floats (his favorite hobby after, due to age and back problems, he had to leave the pole).

Pranks in the second act

It is not the only time this week that we have seen Isabel II. Yesterday night she attended another event, also held within the acts of the Royal Windsor Horse Showand that the press baptized as the starting gun of the events of the Platinum Jubilee that the monarch celebrates this year to commemorate her 70 years on the throne. This time it was a show called «A Gallop Through History“, something like “a gallop through history”, and featured famous actors and actresses, 1,300 extras, 600 horses, children’s choirs and an orchestra of 75 musicians.

Isabel II She arrived at the enclosure by car and escorted by a cavalry regiment that -and this was the anecdote of the day- broke formation when one of the horses got scared and caused all the others to get scared in a chain and lose their place. While the public watched in astonishment how the horses roam freely, the national anthem was sounded very solemnly. The queen, accompanied by her youngest son, Prince Edward, climbed out of the car leaning on a cane. She was dressed in a blue dress with rhinestones and sequins and covered by a gray cape also with shiny decorations. After greeting the organizers she went to her seat in the so-called «Royal Box«, the royal box.

Faithful to the British tradition of combining solemnity with humour, two of the presenters of the event, Alan Titchmarsch Y Omid Jalili, made a joke as soon as they started: «This is horrible. poor queen. Did she really have to be dragged here? And later she said: “On behalf of everyone here, we thank you for choosing us for the State Opening of Parliament.” The queen waved her arm up as if giving her approval. Immediately, many people on social networks commented that the gesture had been in very bad taste. Others, on the contrary, considered that it had been funny and that the sovereign had known how to fit the joke with good humor.

With Tom Cruise

That joke, however, was not by far the most talked about of the day. The great protagonism of the night was taken, in fact, by the actor Tom Cruisewho is in London to promote his new film, «Top Gun: Maverick«, the sequel to the successful film in which he starred in 1986.

Tom Cruise not only took advantage of the act -which was being televised live by the British network ITV– to sit down and give a short interview with Philip Schofield Y julie etchinghambut spoke clearly about the premiere of his film (scheduled for the end of this month) and also, minutes later, addressed everyone present from a lectern.

The clearly pissed-off audience expressed their outrage on social media. “He thought he was the Queen’s Jubilee, not an opportunity for Tom Cruise to promote himself,” said one. “Do you think if Tom Cruise hadn’t had to promote his new movie he would have deigned to appear at the Platinum Jubilee?” commented another. Surely not, it would be the most correct answer. But the cinema is like that.

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