The Nation / Angelina Jolie’s surprise visit to Ukraine ends badly

Angelina Jolie, envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, made a surprise visit to Lviv, in western Ukraine, where she was seen speaking with several displaced people. However, the American actress had to flee from one of the buildings she visited after hearing the sound of anti-aircraft sirens in the area.

This episode occurred on Saturday, April 30, and in images that circulated on networks, Jolie and her team can be seen quickly fleeing from a building, while one of the members asked to stop recording. One of her fans asked her how she was doing, to which she replied that she was “fine.”

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“For us, this visit was a surprise,” wrote the governor of the region, Maxim Kozytski, on Telegram, where he also shared photos and videos of the actress playing with children and with the volunteers. He also visited the hospital with the children injured during the bombing of the Kramatorsk station (east) on April 8, attributed to Russia, and which left more than 50 civilians dead, according to the governor.

Angelina Jolie spoke with Ukrainians who had to flee combat zones and with volunteers who provide psychological help at the Lviv station. So far, the conflict has forced 5.4 million Ukrainians to flee their country and more than 7.7 million have fled and are internally displaced, according to a UN estimate.

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Source: AFP.

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