Rosario Dawson is ready to shave her head on Ahsoka

A few weeks ago the production of Ahsoka, the new Star Wars series for Disney Plus. Rosario Dawson will take on the role of the protagonist, after having played the character in the TV series The Mandalorian Y boba fett book.

The actress has recently interviewed Vanity Fair magazine giving some details about the start of filming Ahsoka. From the beginning, Rosario Dawson was clear that she was going to shave her head to play Ahsoka.


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I’m actually thinking of shaving my head. I always wanted to. My mother shaved her head when she turned 40. I will be 43 this year.

I was thinking of doing it when it’s time to shoot… the actress suggested. It will be a good time to shave my head, because if it looks bad I will have montrales on top all the time while I let it grow.

The montrals are those blue and white horns that Ahsoka has. in the head and falling on their shoulders in the form of lekku or head-tail, which are the same color but do not have a rigid texture. The easiest solution would be for Rosario Dawson to shave her head so she can get the prosthetics, but there is another way to do it.

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We may try to put [el pelo] in my monitors this time, I heard that they did that with Angelina [Jolie] when she played maleficentRosario Dawson explained. They put her hair in braids and [rellenaron]. I think that’s what we’re trying to figure out.

The next series we will see on Disney Plus from the Star Wars universe will be Obi-Wan Kenobiwhich lands on the platform on May 27. Ahsoka does not yet have a release date setbut it is expected to arrive on Disney Plus sometime in 2023.

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