“Maybe he saw a ghost”: They capture Johnny Depp’s reaction to seeing Amber Heard’s witness in court | TV and Show

The actor jumped when he saw a friend of his ex-wife Amber Heard on the screen, a fact that did not go unnoticed on social networks.

As part of the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, where the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean sues his ex-wife for defamation, a new video began to circulate on social networks where Depp has a striking reaction to seeing the actress’s witness.

Specifically, the interpreter of Willy Wonka was caught jumping in what seems to be fright or surprise when he saw Raquel Pennington on the screen, who was Heard’s best friend during their marriage.

In the video, the actor can be seen entering the room where the trial will take place on the day and smilingly greets everyone around him.

However, as he turns and adjusts his chair to take a seat, Depp looks at the screen on his table and sees Pennington connected via Zoom, taking a small jump back.

In that, he turns around laughing again and greets a couple more people and then takes a seat.

The moment was captured on video, and did not leave his fans indifferent, who shared the video on different social networks. Among the comments, they affirm that Depp “maybe he saw a ghost”just as there are others where they assure that the actor he still hasn’t left his role as Jack Sparrow.

@ritoxek He saw a ghost maybe😂 #johnnydeppincourt #justiceforjohnnydepp #amberheardisguilty #viral #fyp ♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

This was the sixth week of the trial where Depp asks for a compensation of 50 million dollars for defamation, after Heard published a series of columns where describes himself as a victim of domestic violence after her marriage to the actor.

Heard, for his part, launched a countersuit and demands 100 million dollars in compensation, assuring that Depp is leading a campaign against him. Closing statements in the trial are expected to be made on Friday, May 27.

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