Kendall Jenner criticizes Scott Disick for “villainizing” his family: “I’ve had enough toxic relationships”

Kendall Jenner opened up about her past toxic relationships as she described her heated argument with Scott Disick during the latest episode of the kardashians.

On the sixth episode of the family show on Hulu, Kendall and Scott continued their argument from last week’s episode, after he got upset that Kendall didn’t invite him to her birthday party. Scott, who shares three children with his ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, has felt neglected by the family ever since the Poosh founder began her relationship with Travis Barker. Before the supermodel stormed out of her discussion, Kendall told Scott that she didn’t like them to talk at the same time as her.

“You won’t let me talk, Scott,” he said. “You’re talking at the same time as me.”

Kendall then visited Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian to tell the drama.

“He’s talking at the same time as me all the time: ‘I don’t do that,'” she told her sisters.

“I’ve been in enough toxic relationships where someone… I can’t take it anymore. I tune out,” Kendall said.

During his confession, Kendall admitted that Scott was “victimizing himself” and “villainizing everyone else, including me, that I have no bad intentions towards him and I love him.”

The founder of 818 Tequila is currently in a relationship with NBA player Devin Booker. Kendall, 26, and Devin, 25, have been linked since the two were seen together several times in 2020.

It was not until the filming of the reunion of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when Jenner confirmed that they were dating nearly a year into their relationship. “He’s my boyfriend,” she told reunion host Andy Cohen. When asked why she chooses to keep her dating life private, Kendall explained that her decision came after seeing her older sisters go through multiple marriages and breakups.

“Kylie and I have had the opportunity to see our older sisters go through marriages and relationships and breakups and all these things, and do it quite publicly,” she said in 2021.

“And I don’t want to offend them at all, but I think it was personal preference from a very young age that I didn’t want to do it,” she added. “It makes my life so much easier and our relationship so much better, to be completely honest. It is a private matter, it is not for anyone else to judge or know.”

Although the supermodel and the Phoenix Suns player have kept a low profile throughout their relationship, the pair have occasionally exchanged messages on social media. But if it were up to mom Kris Jenner and sister Kylie, the two would already be starting a family.

“Mom, 100 percent my mom,” Kendall replied, when asked in a recent interview who in her family pressured her to have children. “Mom and Kylie… But [Kris] He’ll randomly message me and say, ‘I think it’s time,’ and I’ll be like, ‘Is this not up to me at all?’”

Kendall Jenner has also been linked to Blake Griffin, Ben Simmons, A$AP Rocky, and Harry Styles.

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