Johnny Depp’s lawyer humiliates Amber Heard again after accusing the actor of being an “addict”

Camille Vazquez, humiliated again AmberHeard, after the controversial actress addressed her ex-husband as a “monster” when he was using drugs. Vázquez has responded forcefully to her and through evidence she has affirmed that she heard she also has addiction problems.

After Amber Heard testified for several days that the actor’s drug and alcohol use Johnny Depp turned him into a violent “monster” with her, attorney Camille Vazquez has pointedly questioned Heard about her own drug use, including the fact that a “drug” time was scheduled at the couple’s 2015 wedding .

Who was the real monster in this relationship, Miss Heard?” Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez asked Tuesday.

“Half of Johnny. It’s not all Johnny. The other half of him is wonderful and beautiful and the man I loved,” Heard said.

Vasquez took aim in court at Heard’s own drug use, entering a typewritten program of the couple’s wedding plans on the actor’s private island in the Bahamas, which included time for a “drug and music dance party” after a rehearsal dinner.

“So, did you plan to have drugs at your wedding with someone you characterize as a drug addict?” Vasquez said.

“To be fair, we were going to have separate parties,” Heard said. “This is a draft, clearly, that was sent before many changes were made.”

Vazquez sharply disputed Heard’s response, stating that she, too, has used drugs and alcohol over the years.

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