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Johnny Depp in one of the most acclaimed horror and suspense movies of the 90s? Narrowly! We tell you why the actor passed by with this title.

Johnny Depp was the most famous boy in Nightmare on Hell Street and became a globally acclaimed face with Scissorhands. However, he was about to star in one of the most acclaimed horror and suspense films in the history of cinema… but he abandoned the project!

Back in 1991, American Psycho, a novel about serial killer Patrick Bateman, written by Bret Easton Ellis, hit the shelves. The book quickly became a literary attraction, and film producer Edward R. Pressman wasted no time in acquiring the rights within a year of its release..

Johnny Depp debuted in ‘A Nightmare on Hell Street’.

Carrying the idea of ​​​​a handsome banker guy in Manhattan was not easy and, according to the site slashfilmJohnny Depp was the first choice for the role of Patrick Bateman. Not only that, the actor had already gladly accepted the role.

Unfortunately, a series of obstacles prevented the production from moving forward and, before wasting any more time or money, Depp decided to leave the project and focus on others: Arizona’s Dream (1993), Who does Gilbert Grape love? (1993).

Then David Cronenberg (yes, the one from crimes of the future) and its leading man Brad Pitt. The project seemed to be going from strength to strength, but The filmmaker’s refusal to respect the script and story structure caused both him and Pitt to drop the project.

Finally, Lionsgate brought in Mary Harron to direct and advised that Edward Norton be considered for the lead role of Patrick Bateman. The director flatly refused and the studio then proposed to Leonardo DiCaprio that he had just stolen the hearts of the audience with titanica.

Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio were also considered as possible protagonists of ‘American Psycho’.

Harron did not want any kind of relationship with DiCaprio and refused to even meet him, she wanted to sign Christian Bale (the knight of the night), knowing that he was the ideal actor for the position. Ewan McGregor’s name (Obi-Wan Kenobi) came up as well, but Bale convinced him to give him the opportunity.

Christian Bale and Mary Harron then teamed up for the iconic american psychopath and finally made it to the big screen in 2000. With the new millennium, critics were betting on the modernity of the film, which was inherited from the literary material on which it was based. Bale earned a place in pop culture with his serial killer, extremely concerned with physicality and perfection.

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