Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in the most appetizing thanks to Elon Musk

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged and shout their love to the four winds in all possible cars, but a unique moment could happen thanks to the creation of Elon Musk. He reads on and finds out what it’s all about…

Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck They are the couple of the moment, whose news does not escape the eye of their fans or the media, before the most exciting news for their fans of marriage at the door as well as the search for their new mansion, among a thousand other news.

Although their love story was written many years ago, this reboot is simply charming, as many show the emotion of seeing them together, like that time in the car where the couple generated multiple reactions to their happy faces at meeting again.

Beyond acting and music, the silhouette of the singer has always been a trend on social networks, especially when she poses in different luxury cars that several followers claim could light the flame of the American actor in a matter of minutes, being the most impressive sessions of the interpreter of “On My Way”.

However, within the immense range of vehicles that they have in their collection, they surprised everyone by traveling in an exclusive tesla model s0-60mph in 1.99 seconds, top speed of 200km/h, state-of-the-art touchscreen interior, comfortable seats, a 22-speaker audio system plus promising road performance.

The couple surprised half of humanity in their brand new Tesla, after visiting McDonald’s and tasting twice the most appetizing of a delicious hamburger with cheese, sauce among other ingredients, plus the refreshing drink leaving all his followers speechless, because in addition to breaking the diet, he showed that he does not mind enjoying super delicious moments with his beloved movie heartthrob and everything thanks to the incredible creation of Elon Musk in a spectacular luxury vehicle for the occasion. Check out the pictures and the interesting video at the end.

+ Images of the most appetizing things that Ben and JLo did in a Tesla:

JLo eating a hamburger in the Tesla

The couple enjoying in their Tesla

+ Unmissable video of JLo and Ben:

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