how much do you earn for each post?

As every year, also in this 2022 HOPPER HQ has drawn up the ranking of the highest paid characters on social networks. In the top positions there are actors, singers and footballers famous all over the world; Chiara Ferragni too, however, earned a good placement in the standings… Do you know when each sponsored post yields her?

Instagram it has now become a platform that allows millions of users all over the world to be known but also to work. Through the app created to share images, in fact, there are many who have begun to earn and, in fact, the phenomenon of so-called influencers.

It is about more or less known characters who, upon payment of the companies, sponsor products, clothing lines, travel and much more.

With post, stories and reelin fact, brands can make themselves known to a very broad and, above all, targeted target. But have you ever wondered who earns the most from i social?

HOPPER HQ has compiled the rankings on users highest paid on the web and, among these, there is also one popular Italian influencer, the best known of all.

Chiara Ferragni: dizzying figures for a post

Chiara Ferragni, the richest on Instagram: how much does she earn for each post?

Last year it was Dwayne Johnson, American actor known as “The Rock”, the one who earned the most from social media; this year, however, the man was beaten by Cristiano Ronaldowhich took first place with $ 1,604,000.

The ranking follows Ariana Grande, with his $ 1,510,000 he takes third place. Behind them are the Kardashians (Kyle Jenner first, Kim and Kendall after) but also Beyoncè, Messi and Justin Bieber.

The list is very long but before finding an Italian we have to go down to 72nd position. Obviously we are talking about Chiara Ferragni, which with an income of $ 82,100 per post is the highest paid in the Bel Paese.

Immediately behind her, however, there is another icon of the boot: Khaby Lame. For him the fee is 81,000 dollars per post.

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